2014 Winners

Professor Robin Armstrong
Prof. Robin Armstrong
(BA 1958 UC) (PhD 1961 Toronto)

Higher education leader and physicist Robin Armstrong, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at the... Read more...

Lawrence Cherney
Lawrence Cherney
(BA 1969 UC) (MA 1978 Toronto)

Lawrence Cherney started his career under the baton of Igor Stravinsky. Ever since, for more than 40 years, he has... Read more...

Dr. William J. Deadman
Dr. William J. Deadman
(Bsc Med 1913 Toronto)

William J. Deadman was one of Canada’s first forensic pathologists. After completing his medical training, he... Read more...

Prof. Donald Forster
(BA 1956 UC) (MA 1958 Harvard)

Higher education leader and economist Donald Forster studied political science and economics at the University of... Read more...

Ronald Gould
Ronald Gould
(BA 1955 UC)

Ronald Gould is one of the world’s leading experts on the organization and management of elections. He joined the... Read more...

Professor Warren Kirkendale
Prof. Warren Kirkendale
(BA 1955 UC) (PhD 1961 Vienna)

Warren Kirkendale is an internationally acclaimed Canadian music historian. Educated at the Universities of Toronto... Read more...

John D. McKellar
John D. McKellar
(BA 1955 UC) (LLB 1959 Osgoode)

Lawyer John McKellar is partner emeritus at WeirFoulds LLP. In the course of a busy commercial practice, he is or... Read more...

Sir William Mulock
Sir William Mulock
(BA 1863 UC) (MA 1871 Toronto) (LLD 1894 Toronto)

Sir William Mulock was a lawyer, educator, businessman, politician and judge.

In Parliament from 1882 to...

Erna Paris
Erna Paris
(BA 1960 UC)

Erna Paris is the author of seven acclaimed works of literary non-fiction and the winner of twelve national and... Read more...

The Honourable Robert K. Rae
The Hon. Robert K. Rae
(BA 1969 UC) (MPhil 1971 Oxford) (LLB 1977 Toronto)

Bob Rae is a senior partner at Olthuis Kleer Townshend LLP. 

He was elected 11 times to the House of... Read more...

Dr. Saul Rae
Dr. Saul Rae
(BA 1936 UC) (PhD 1938 London)

Saul Rae was born in Hamilton, Ontario, of immigrant parents.  He showed a talent for music and theatre at a... Read more...

Professor Jeffrey Wong
Prof. Jeffrey Wong
(BA 1959 UC) (PhD 1963 Toronto)

Jeffrey Wong is a distinguished international scientist and Professor Emeritus at the Hong Kong University of... Read more...

Professor Frederick H. Zemans
Prof. Frederick H. Zemans
(BA 1960 UC) (LLB 1964 Toronto)

Frederick H. Zemans is a pioneer in clinical legal education, alternative dispute resolution, and the community... Read more...

Professor Joyce Zemans
Prof. Joyce Zemans
(BA 1962 UC) (MA 1966 Toronto)

Joyce Zemans is an internationally recognized scholar who has made profound contributions in the fields of Canadian... Read more...