CDN225H1: Asian Canadian Space & Place

A comprehensive examination of the socio-cultural dimensions of space and place in the contemporary Asian Canadian context. Explores Asian Canadian landscape, culture and heritage, place and identity formation, multiculturalism and nationalism, spatial conflict and contestation, and the political economy of cultural space.


CDN230H1:  Asian Canadian History

The course examines the hstory of Asians in Canada from the mid-1800s to the present by analyzing their contributions to the socio-cultural , economic, and political development of Canada.  It explores how Asian Canadian history reconfigures prevailing understanding of race, multiculturalism and national identiy through intersectional , comparative and transnational frameworks.


CDN307H1:  Asian Cultures in Canada

An exploration of the cultural histories and creative productions of a wide range of Asian communities in Canada. Experts in specific areas- literature, dance, drama and film will be invited to present their work.


CDN390H1: Chinese Canadian Studies (formerly UNI390H1)

This course examines socio-cultural, political and economic aspects of Chinese communities in Canada. It explores how the study of Chinese Canadians challenges and augments our understanding of issues such as immigration and diaspora, multiculturalism, and race and ethnicity.


CDN395H1:  Independent Studies in Asian Canadian Studies

An opportunity to write a substancial research paper in Canadian Studies that integrates research methodologies and conceptual frameworks developed over the student's courese of study.  Students must have their topic and supervisor approved by the Program Director.

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