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2017-2018 General Election Results

Executive Position Name
President Catherine Stratton
VP Academic Julia Cipriani
Secretary Alyssa Ciancio
Treasurer Alexia Camara-Medeiros
VP Social Alexa Patel
Marketing Director Kayla Trower
Communications Director Adam Lieberman

About Us

The Health Studies Students' Union is an organization entirely run by students in the Health Studies program at University college. It has been a small organization for several years, but is currently working to expand itself into a much more active and recognized student group. The objective of the Students' Union is to create both social and academic opportunities for Health Studies students to meet outside of the classroom environment, in addition to providing support to all students in courses offered by the Health Studies program. The Union hopes to facilitate an open environment in which students can participate in an ongoing dialogue about the socioeconomic, political, cultural, and biomedical determinants of health and the health care system. In the 2011-2012 academic year the Health Studies Students' Union won the UTSU Clubs and Leadership Award for Outstanding Academic Union. This distinction is awarded to the academic union that best engages its member students in both social and academic activities. 

Contact Information

Health Studies Students' Union
University College | Room B204 
15 King's College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3H7

HSSU Executive Biographies

President: Emma Buajitti
Vice President: Lily Ren
Hi there! As a fourth year Health Studies student, I am so thrilled to serve as the Vice-President of the Health Studies Student Union for the 2015-2016 academic year. I am inspired to empower and amplify the voices of health studies students to create a progressive community that fosters information sharing, support, and belonging. It is my honor to hear and learn from many inspiring stories from the amazing people on campus. Also majoring in Book and Media Studies and minoring in Human Geography, I continue to gain a wide discipline of knowledge and experiences that I hope I can bring and enrich the Health Studies student body to make your university experience more edifying and enjoyable. Health Studies Student Union provides me an opportunity and inspires me to serve the Health Studies and UofT student body. If you spot me roaming around campus, please don’t be shy and say, “Hi!”; I'd love to meet each and every one of you! I look forward to meeting and working with you this year!
Secretary: Ruhi Kiflen
Hello fellow Health Studies Students!  My name is Ruhi Kiflen and I am a fourth year student studying Global Health and Health Studies. I have been active in a variety of student-run initiatives in the past couple years and am excited to bring this experience to the Health Studies Student Union. I was the co-chair of a global health case competition called Toronto Thinks in which we organized a platform for students to critically think about solutions to global health challenges pertaining to current events. Additionally, I was a Peer Health Educator under the Health and Wellness department that strives to promote healthier living through education, advocacy, and via community engagement. In the upcoming year, I would like to improve the interactions between the Health Studies Student Union and the students of the program to build a strong community.
Treasurer: Hanaa Ahsan
Hey guys! My name is Hanaa Ahsan and I'm super excited to be the Treasurer for the HSSU this year. I am currently in my fourth year, working towards completing a double-major in Human Biology: Global Health & Health Studies. Over the past three years I have been part of numerous clubs so I am extremely excited about ending my UofT club career with the HSSU. Having lived in Kuwait for thirteen years, moving to Canada for my undergraduate studies was very overwhelming so for any international students who need a little guidance on how to make their transition to university a smooth one, please feel free to drop by our office!  If you ever see me around campus then please feel free to say hello!
Director of Events: Aseel Anabtawi
Hello HSSU! I am a third year Health Studies Specialist at the downtown UofT campus. My main interests include social justice issues and human rights advocacy as well as politics and philosophical debates.  In the past, I was a 2nd year representative for the HSSU as well as an executive for the Middle Eastern Arab Society. Currently, I am an executive member of GGWAM (Girls and Guys with a Mission) which serves to promote women's rights and global health. As well, I will be a frosh leader for the upcoming Orientation Week and really look forward to doing so! In terms of academic achievement, I maintain a 3.7 GPA and have been on the Dean's List. Lastly, I want to mention that I very much enjoy mingling and socializing and so showing students around and helping to host social events are definitely things I look forward to!
Director of Communications: Uju Madu
First and foremost, I would like to welcome any new Health Studies students that are joining us this year, and welcome back those who are returning. My name is Uju Madu and I will be your communications director this semester. First, a little bit about myself. I am a third year student here at the University of Toronto with a double major in Health Studies and Global Health. Last semester I served as a second year representative for the union and enjoyed my time in the position so much, the next step for me was to become even more involved in communications. My previous experience in leadership roles include serving as a frosh leader for the past two years, my role as captain for the New College intramural basketball team as well as my time as a recurring Brain Day presenter. I am also a volunteer with UHN  at Toronto Western Hospital.These experiences have all involved keeping people engaged and informed, a skill I hope to transfer over to my role as your communications director this year. My hope would be to see the Health Studies students become more informed and enthused about our events and opportunities, as well as become more integrated and engaged in our little community. I am so excited for the year up ahead, I hope you will be too!
Director of Technological Affairs: Helena Najm
Helena Najm is a third year student in Health Studies and Human Geography. Her career interests include public health, law and public policy. She contributes to several UofT publications such as the UC Gargoyle, the Varsity and Demo Magazine.