Minor in Asian Canadian Studies

The minor in Asian Canadian Studies provides students with an opportunity to better understand the historical, sociocultural, economic, and political forces that shape our knowledge about people of Asian heritage in Canada, and in relationship to Asia and the diaspora. The category “Asian Canadian” is widely understood to refer to people in Canada of East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and West Asian ancestry.

Like all of the Canadian Studies subject POSts, this minor is multidisciplinary in its approach. Courses foreground the intersections of race and ethnicity with other indices of difference, such as gender, class, migration, sexuality, language, and spirituality, in local, national, and global contexts. Students take two required half-year core courses in Canadian Studies; select from an array of courses on Asian Canadian Studies; and supplement their program with the large number of cross-listed program courses noted below. The Minor in Asian Canadian Studies is easily combined with more traditional disciplinary areas of study, such as Anthropology, Art, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science and Sociology, or with interdisciplinary studies in Contemporary Asian Studies, Diaspora and Transnational Studies, and East Asian Studies.


Minor in Asian Canadian Studies

(Must complete 4.0 FCEs in Canadian Studies approved courses, including at least 1.0 FCEs at the 300+ level)

First year: No specific first-year requirements. Students are advised to take introductory courses that will serve as prerequisites for optional courses of interest to them later in the program. For example: ANT100Y1ECO100Y1POL101Y1, (GGR107H1GGR124H1)

  1. CDN267H1/CDN268H1
  2. CDN367H1/CDN368H1
  3. 2.0 FCEs from the following list:
    CAS413H1EAS315H1ENG268H1ENG368H1SOC218H1CDN230H1CDN307H1; CDN390H1CDN395H1
  4. 1.0 additional FCE from the Canadian Studies course listing.