Application Procedure

Enrolling in a Subject POSt

A subject POSt, or program of study, is a group of courses in a specific discipline. There are three levels of programs:

  • Specialist Program
  • Major Program
  • Minor Program

The Health Studies program only has two subject POSts in which to enrol:

  • Specialist in Health Studies (ASSPE2085)
  • Major in Health Studies (ASMAJ2085)

These degrees are type 2L subject POSts. Type 2L programs have specific course and/or GPA requirements, and have a finite number of admission spaces. This makes the application process to the Health Studies Program competitive. There are four steps to applying to the Health Studies Program:

  1. To be eligible to apply for the Health Studies Specialist or Major, please refer to the section 'Admission  Requirements' section in  PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS tab.
  2. Submit a request on the student web service (SWS or ROSI)
  3. Check the SWS to see if you have recieved an enrolment invitation
  4. Either accept or decline the invitation to enrol

For specific dates and more information on applying to a subject POSt, please check the Faculty of Arts & Science Registration Handbook &  Timetable.

There are two periods in which to request enrolment:

  • First Round: April  to mid  May. Note: Decisions are posted on ROSI by July.  Students who receive an "INV" (invitation) have between July and August to accept the invitation on ROSI.
  • Second Round: July to August.  Note: Decisions are posted on ROSI by mid September.  Students who receive an "INV" (invitation) have until late September to accept the invitation on ROSI.