Courses Offered by the Canadian Studies Program

Course Course Title 2016-2017 Instructors
CDN202H1 Aspects of Québec Culture Rosa Saverino
CDN205H1 Topics in Canadian Studies I Not offered 2015-2016
CDN218H1 Voices in Canadian Writing Andrew Lesk
CDN221H1 Culture and the Media in Canada Rick Salutin
CDN230H1 Asian Canadian History Lisa Mar
CDN267H1 Canadian Nationalisms Evgeny Efremkin
CDN268H1 Canada & Globalization Emily Gilbert
CDN280H1 Canadian Jewish History Frank Bialystok
CDN305H1 Topics in Canadian Studies II Not Offered 2016-2017
CDN307H1 Asian Cultures in Canada Serene Tan
CDN335H1 Black Canadian Studies Cheryl Thompson
CDN355H1 Digital Tools in a Canadian Context
Siobhan O'Flynn
CDN367H1 Canadian Pluralism TBA
CDN368H1 Canada's Borders Emily Gilbert
CDN380H1 Sociocultural Perspectives of Canadian Jewish Community Not Offered 2016-2017
CDN390H1 Chinese Canadian Studies Lisa Mar
CDN395H1 Independent Study in Asian Canadian Studies Faculty
CDN406H1 Topics in Canadian Studies III Not Offered 2016-2017
CDN405H1 The University in Canada Pamela Gravestock/Emily Greenleaf
CDN420Y1 Senior Essay in Canadian Studies Rick Salutin
CDN425H1 Independent Research in Canadian Studies Faculty
CDN430Y1 Senior Seminar: Special Topics in Canadian Studies  Not offered 2015-2016
CDN435Y1 Active Citizenship in Canada Siobhan O'Flynn
DRM268H1 Canadian Theatre History Banuta Rubess
JSU325H1 Queerly Canadian (formerly UNI325H1) Not Offered 2016-2017
JUG320H1 The Canadian Wilderness Emily Gilbert

Instructor Profiles

CDN420Y1, CDN425H1, CDN430Y1 and CDN435Y1 Admission

Students who wish to enrol in CDN395H1, CDN420Y1, CDN425H1, CDN430Y1 or CDN435Y1 must submit the following forms:  

Please submit completed forms to or to Room 173 at the following address:


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