Fees & Financial Aid


Wondering how much your tuition will cost, or how the fees are broken down?

Looking for financial  assistance ?

You would not want to start your year being anxious about whether you will have enough money.  It is essential to have some idea what your costs and your income will be, and what resources are available to you.  Our Financial Planning advice sheet has some very useful information on how to create a budget for the school year so that you do not have to deal with uncertainty.

Use the new Financial Planning Calculator to plan your budget and see how much it will cost to study at U of T  for one academic year.

  • See what it would cost to live on or off campus, or study in a particular undergraduate program at U of T
  • Based on the expenses the tool estimates, create a budget for food, entertainment and other living costs for the academic year
  • Browse a list of personalized budgeting resources that aim to help save money