Editor's Note

Magazine Section: 

Following the release of our Spring 2015 issue, both Carolyne (Manace) Epstein (BA 1960 UC)  and Norma (Miller) Goldberger (BA 1966 UC) wrote in to say they believe they are our cover girl—the female student  seated on the circular couch at the centre of the Junior Common Room (above). The photograph, from the UC Archives, is not captioned or dated.  We asked Carolyne and Norma to provide pictures of themselves as students (below) so our readers could weigh in on the mystery. Tell us what you think at uc.magazine@utoronto.ca.

Norma Goldberger (left) and Carolyne Epstien (right).

Thanks also to the alumni who helped us identify the students pictured in the below photograph with legendary entertainers Johnny Wayne (BA 1940 UC) and Frank Shuster (BA 1939 UC), which appeared in our story on the history of Jewish student life at UC (“The ‘J’CR and the Refectory,” Spring 2015). The individuals pictured are (from left to right): Ruth (Kellermann) Miller (BA 1960 UC), Libby Fus*, Johnny Wayne, Rozzie (Benetovich) Newman*, Frank Shuster, Ellie (Wasserman) Silver (1958 UC), Rosalie Evans (BA 1961 UC), and Erna (Newman) Paris (BA 1960 UC).

Yvonne Palkowski (BA 2004 UC)
Editor, UC Magazine


*degree type, graduation year, and proper spelling of name unknown