Barker Fairley Visitor Shyam Selvadurai will be available for one-on-one meetings in the fall.

UC and UC-program students will have a special opportunity in 2013-14 to  develop their skills as writers of fiction and creative non-fiction. UC's Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitor for 2013-14, award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction Shyam Selvadurai, will be available to meet with UC and UC program students in free fifty-minute one-on-one sessions at the UC Writing Centre.

Shyam Selvadurai is the author of four novels centering on his native Sri Lanka. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Toronto Life, Walrus Magazine, Enroute Magazine, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star

Visit the UC Writing Centre pages to learn more about Shyam Selvadurai and about how to enroll.