Is Contemporary Art Becoming Extinct?

Professor Siobhan O'Flynn will participate in the Is Contemporary Art Becoming Extinct panel talk at the Royal Ontario Museum, part of the Nuit Talks 2012 event.

Thursday September 27, 2012
12:30-2:00 p.m., doors open at noon
Royal Ontario Museum Theatre, 100 Queen's Park

North American art practice was turned on its head after WWII with the rise of modernism which led to postmodernism and left us with what we know today as contemporary visual art. If in essence, all art practices in concept, theory and medium are 'borrowed' from preceding generations, it raises the question: "Can there exist such a thing as an original work of art?" If not, will the contemporary art genre as we know it, like its predecessors, eventually become extinct? Explore previous cultures and civilizations which have become extinct, with complimentary admission to the Royal Ontario Museum.

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