Siobhan O'Flynn Launches Transmedia, Multiplatform, & Convergent Resource Kit

The TMC Resource Kit was conceived, designed & developed by Dr. Siobhan O'Flynn & Anthea Foyer. It is a living website that will evolve as new case studies & resources are added over the coming year to build an extensive set of diverse case studies modeling unique and successful strategies in the digital sphere. The resources aggregated here provide a rich and informative suite of documents for Canadian and Australian content producers moving into the digital space. Each illuminates specific areas of practice and taken together can answer many of the questions we have encountered in working and consulting on transmedia, multiplatform and convergent projects. The supplement to the Screen Australia Transmedia Bible expands on elements that are often unfamiliar to traditional media producers and which are not covered in the other resources gathered here. This section too is evolving & new resources will be added to it over time in response to changing technologies & practices.

Dr. O'Flynn's case studies are an extension of her research into the impact of digital media on narrative forms and communication practices.

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