Apply to live in Residence

Application procedures vary depending on which category you fall under:

Email Correspondence

The Residence office corresponds with students via email (to the address indicated on the student's OUAC application). Please follow these guidelines to ensure that admission correspondence is received:

  • Check email regularly. 
  • Ensure that folders where messages may be diverted are checked. 
  • Set email filters to accept all messages from “” accounts.
  • Notify the Dean of Students' office and/or Student Housing Services immediately if travelling or if contact information has changed.

The Office of the Dean of Students is not responsible for email addresses that are deactivated or have technical problems which prevent email messages from being received.  When an Official Offer of Residence is sent, there is a limited time to accept the offer.  Acceptance must be received by the deadline date indicated on the offer. 

Room Assignments

The Office of the Dean of Students does its best to accommodate students' preferences. Room assignments for first-year students are as follows:

  • First-year students who are National Scholarship winners are assigned single rooms.
  • First-year students who request double rooms are assigned double rooms.
  • All other first-year students are assigned the remaining single rooms by lottery.
  • Any remaining double rooms are filled with first-year students, pairing students according to the submitted profiles.


University staff is not permitted to disclose or discuss any information in a student file with anyone other than the student. If a student would like someone (e.g. a parent) to have access to their personal information, they must provide the office with written consent.

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