Writing Plus, Winter Workshops, 2018

Essay Writing from Start to Finish: Improve your writing—improve your GPA! Find out how in these step-by-step workshops.
60-minute workshops, Saturday mornings
Woodsworth College, Room 120
Understanding the Assignment - Making sense of essay topics – getting on the right track from the start Jan 6 9:30
Finding Scholarly Sources - Strategies for finding and identifying the most useful research sources Jan 6 10:45
Developing your Thesis - How to write clear, focused, forceful thesis statements (and how not to!) Jan 6 12:00
Organizing your Essay - Building coherent, connected arguments using reasoning and evidence Jan 13 9:30
Using Sources - Using summary, quotation, and paraphrase correctly and effectively Jan 13 10:45
Revising your Essay - Improve your editing and proofreading skills Jan 13 12:00