Young Alumni of Influence Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Young Alumni of Influence Award Terms of Reference

The Young Alumni of Influence Award is a way for University College to publically recognize and celebrate young graduates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through professional achievement, entrepreneurship, community, public, or humanitarian service and/or dedication to University College and the broader University of Toronto community.  Recipients must serve as a source of pride and inspiration for UC students and new graduates. The Young Alumni of Influence Award is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of recent graduates who may not yet qualify for the University College Alumni of Influence Award.

1. The Award:

a.       Shall be named the "Young Alumni of Influence" (YAOI) Award;

b.      Is the most prestigious University College Young Alumni Award;

2. The Award Recipient

a.       Must be Alumni of University College;

b.      Must be age 21-35;

c.       Demonstrated outstanding leadership in a chosen field of endeavor;

d.      Made an outstanding contribution in their field, which has not necessarily received public acclaim;

e.       Made a contribution of significance that has reflected positively on University College; for example: volunteer leadership, mentorship, community-building, and demonstrating commitment to diversity;

f.        May not be sitting politicians;

g.       May only receive the Young Alumni of Influence Award once;

h.      May not be currently sitting on the award selection committee or the University College Alumni Association

i.        May be eligible at a later date for the Alumni of Influence Award

3. Nominations:

a.       Call for Nominations will be sent out each year;

b.      Nominations must be signed and accompanied by a letter of support;

c.       Individuals may nominate more than one nominee in a particular year;

d.      Nominations may be carried forward and treated as a submission for the succeeding year;

e.       If no nominations are received, the Selection Committee may consider nominations received in prior years or submit its own nomination;

4. Selection Committee:

a.       Members of the Selection Committee will be members of the University College Alumni Association and/or alumni chosen by University College Alumni Relations;

b.      Membership on the Selection Committee will be voluntary;

c.       Members of the Selection Committee will be excluded from consideration during any and all years of their service on the committee;

Selection Committee will be responsible for reviewing all nomination materials received and selecting recipients;

5. Selection Process:

a.       Selection Committee will receive all nomination materials for the Young Alumni of Influence Award;

b.      Nominees will stand for nomination for a total of two (2) years and, if the nominee does not receive the award in that period, the nomination will be placed in an inactive file for consideration by the Selection Committee, in its discretion, in any subsequent year;

c.       Each committee member will rank each nominee on a criteria-ranking form;

d.      Results are submitted in confidence to University College Alumni Relations for compilation and ratification;

e.       Individual committee members' rankings will not be revealed;

f.        Highest aggregate scores will determine the recipients of the Young Alumni of Influence Award;

g.       Recipients will be determined no later than June 30 of each year;

6. Recognition of the recipient:

a.       Recipient will be presented with an award during Alumni of Influence Gala;

b.      If the recipient is unable to attend the ceremony, the recipient may identify a designate to accept the award;

c.       Publicity will appear in the UC alumni magazine;

d.      In the event of the death of the recipient prior to the ceremony and in consultation with the recipient's family/next of kin, the award will be granted posthumously;

7. University College reserves the right to:

a.       Revoke an award granted to a recipient should circumstances arise that could unfavourably impact the reputation and/or image of University College;

b.      Make changes to these Terms of Reference on the recommendation of the Selection Committee;

c.       Authorize the deviation from these Terms of Reference, from time to time, on the recommendation of the Selection Committee.