University College Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number UC Room Number
Elizabeth Legge Chair & Professor, Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art 416-978-7891 UC A304
Emile Lehouck Professor Emeritus, Department of French UC 048
Andrew Lesk Sessional Lecturer - UC One / Sexual Diversity Studies / Canadian Studies 416-946-5166 UC 272
Simon Lewsen 416-946-3836 UC 218
Tania Li Professor, Department of Anthropology;
Canada Research Chair in the Political-Economy and Culture of Asia 416-946-3693
Meng Lim Student Life Coordinator 416-978-2531 UC D101
Glenn Loney Assistant Dean Emeritus, Faculty Registrar 416-978-5389
Mike Lorimer Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics 416-978-8111 UC F307
Scott Mabury Vice-President University Operations;
Professor, Department of Chemistry 416-978-7116
Lori MacIntyre Alumni Development Officer 416-978-3803 UC H002
Robert MacKay Professor Emeritus UC 048
Yvonne MacNeil Chief Administrative Officer 416-978-8144 UC 158
Dennis Magill Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology 416-978-8415 UC 354
Brenda Mallouk Professor Emeritus, Rotman School of Management 416-978-5528 UC 048
Eva Mandrapilias Assistant to the Registrar 416-978-3171 UC 157
Lisa R. Mar Associate Professor, Canadian Studies, University College ;
Associate Professor, Department of History ;
Richard Charles Lee Chair in Chinese Canadian Studies (416) 978-8087 UC 150
Frederick Marker Professor Emeritus, Department of English UC 048
John W. Marshall Vice-Principal, University College;
Coordinator, UC One Program;
Associate Professor | Department for the Study of Religion 416-978-6667 UC 254
Jill Matus Professor, Department of English
Shawn Micallef Sessional Lecturer | UC One Program UC 356
Haruko (Hal) Momma Professor, Department of English;
Angus Cameron Professor of Old English Studies
Carolyn Murray Librarian Emeritus UC 048
Linda Nauman Associate Registrar 416-978-3170 UC 157
Bill Nelson Professor Emeritus, Department of History 416-978-3326 UC 048
Peter Nesselroth Professor Emeritus, Department of French UC 048
Kevin Nixon Sessional Lecturer, Sexual Diversity Studies
Geoff Norris Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology 416-978-4851 UC 048
David Novak Professor, J. Richard & Dorothy Shiff Chair of Jewish Studies;
Department for the Study of Religion 416-946-3229
Siobhan O'Flynn Sessional Lecturer - Canadian Studies;
Experiential Learning Coordinator;
Office hours: Wednesday 11-2 or by appointment. UC B304
Keith Oatley Professor Emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 416-978-1939 UC 048
Nancy Olivieri Professor | Department of Medicine 416-340-6507
David Olson Professor Emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Educaiton 416-978-1021 UC 048
Colleen Osborn Undergraduate Administrative Coordinator, Centre for Drama Theatre and Performance Studies 416-978-8099 UP 302
Yvonne Palkowski Communications Officer;
ON LEAVE 416-978-3160 UC H001
Ana Pérez-Leroux Professor of Spanish and Linguistics;
Director of Cognitive Science Program (416)978-8404
Giancarla Periti Associate Professor, Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art
Paul Perron Professor Emeritus, Department of French;
Former Principal UC 048
Shena Phagoo Residence Steward, Morrison Hall 416-946-3851
Jerrold Plotnick Director, Writing Centre;
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream 416-946-3836 UC 218
VK Preston Assistant Professor, Theatre, Dance, and Performance History UC A307
Margaret Procter Professor Emeritus, Department of English 416-978-8109 UC 048
Brian Pronger Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Jenny Purtle Associate Professor, Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art
Ian Radforth Professor, Department of History 416-978-8106 UC 247
Maheesha Ranasinghe Events Coordinator 416-978-7416 UC H008
David Rayside Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science 416-978-8087 UC 158
Scott Rayter Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Sexual Diversity Studies;
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of English 416-978-7200 UC A303
Peter Reich Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics 416-978-1760 UC 048
James Reilly Professor, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations 416-978-8147 UC F305
Joe Repka Professor, Department of Mathematics 416-978-4692