Financial Need Awards

University College offers several bursaries and awards based on financial need. The College employs the University's standard of assessing financial need (i.e. OSAP application process) in identifying eligible students. More information is available from Financial Aid at Enrolment Services, including a list of Other U of  T Awards  and External Awards.  Students may apply for bursaries directly through the Registrar's Office beginning October 1 of each year (when the OSAP assessment becomes available).


Gurston Allen  Memorial Bursary

Gift of Kappa Alumni Association, Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, in memory of the late Gurston S. Allen (UC 1931), of the value of the annual income (approximately $600) from the Fund; awarded at the full value to a student who is a Canadian citizen, on the basis of financial need and good academic standing. (II,III,IV)


Alan Coatsworth Memorial Scholarship (OSOTF)

Created by Klaus Goldschlag (UC 1944), in honour of Alan Coatsworth, whose ecumenical benevolence assisted young Jewish Torontonians before and during the Second World War.  To be awarded annually to students in University College who have achieved high standing in one or more of the following areas of study:   History, Philosophy and Languages.   The primary criterion for the awards will be financial need.  Awards have a value of $500 and are variable in number.


Bessie Griffith Cosens Scholarship

Bequest of the late Mrs. Bessie Griffith Cosens, (UC 1924), of the value of the annual income (approx. $820) from the Fund, to be awarded to a woman student obtaining Grade A standing, who is most deserving of financial assistance.


John and Annie Crichton Memorial Award

To provide a bursary for an accomplished student with financial need.  Preference for a student taking courses in modern languages or philosophy.  If no such student is available, the bursary should go to a deserving student with financial need.


Edward Moss Davidson Awards

Gift of the family and friends of the late Edward Moss Davidson, (UC 1934), former Director of Admissions of the University of Toronto.  The amount of each award will depend on financial need.  All students of the College in good academic standing are eligible for consideration.


Kathleen and William G. Davis Bursaries

Established in honour of Kathleen Davis and William G. Davis (UC 1951), Premier of the province of Ontario 1971-85, upon the occasion of his retirement as Premier.  In awarding the bursaries (of varying value and number) to those with financial need, preference will be given to students enrolled in a program in Political Science, Premier Davis' main area of interest.


Fletcher-Clark OSOTF Scholarships in Science and Economics

Gift of Edmund Clark (UC 1969) and Frances (Fletcher) Clark (UC 1969).  To assist University College students with financial need who have excellent academic results in the Sciences or in Economics.  (Variable in number and value.)  At least one award will be given out at admission.  In accord with the requirements of the OSOTF program, the primary criterion will be financial need.

Lynd Forguson Residence OSOTF Scholarships

Established by a gift of the University College Committee in appreciation of Professor Forguson’s term as Principal of University College (1989-1997).  These awards are intended to assist University College students to benefit from the advantages of living in the College’s residences.  Financial need will the be the primary criterion in selecting recipients, but academic merit and community involvement will also be considered.  Awards will vary in size and number.

Lynd Forguson Memorial Awards at the University of Toronto (Boundless Promise Program)

To be awarded on the basis of financial need to full-time, undergraduate students enrolled in the Humanities in University College, with preference to those studying Philosophy.  Established by Georgiana Forguson, in memory of her husband, Professor Lynd Wilks Forguson, who served as Registrar, Vice-Principal and then Principal from 1989 until 1997.  He retired in 2003 and passed away at his home in Vancouver in 2005.  Forguson’s undergraduate and graduate education was generously supported by various scholarships. His wife Georgiana states “Because he loved the career that these various funding groups enabled him to follow, it is appropriate that we return a small part of this generosity by establishing a scholarship in his name.”  The Lynd Forguson Memorial Scholarship will honour Forguson’s love of University College and the University of Toronto.     Students will automatically be considered by Enrolment Services.

Galois OSOTF Awards in Mathematics

These awards celebrate the mathematical theories of, as well as the myth surrounding, the brilliant French mathematician Evariste Galois (1811-1832).  The awards are to recognize the best University College students enrolled in the Mathematics Specialist program.


Neil D. Graham Scholarships

Gift of the late Neil D. Graham (UC 1930), each of the value of approximately $700, these scholarships give preference to the student with the highest G.P.A. in each of First, Second and Third Years, who demonstrates financial need and is enrolled in a science programme.


Lavengro Society Bursary

Gift of a group of friends of the College, of the value of approx. $240.


LePan-Shepherd Bursaries

Gift of the students and alumni of University College in honour of former Principal D.V. LePan and former Registrar R.M.H. Shepherd, of the value of the annual income (approximately $400) from the Fund (not necessarily divided equally).


William Robert Luscombe OSOTF Bursary

To provide a bursary for a UC student with financial need.   Preference will be given to students in modern languages.  Awards are variable in number and size.


MacLachlan Sisters Memorial Scholarships

Bequest of the late Isabelle Paris MacLachlan, (UC 1911), of variable number and value within the limits of the annual income (approximately $3200) from the Fund, available to women students.  In making these awards financial circumstances will be considered as well as standing.


Professor and Mrs. T.J. Meek Bursaries

Bequest of Professor T.J. Meek, (UC 1903) distinguished scholar and Head of the Department of Near Eastern Studies of which he was a member from 1923-1952; Professor Emeritus until his death in 1966.  Variable as to number and value.


Michell Scholarship-Bursaries

Bequest of the late Miss Catherine S. Michell and Colonel William C. Michell, formerly Principal of Riverdale C.I.

Awards based on financial need; academic merit may also be considered.  Variable in number and value depending on students’ financial need.  Any balance of income may be used for in-course awards of variable value.


William Mowbray Bursary

Gift of the late Mrs. Kathleen Mabel Mowbray, in honour of her husband, William Mowbray, of the value of the annual income (approximately $450) from the Fund.  Preference will be given to a student currently taking English as one of his courses.


Shirley L. Muir Memorial Scholarship/Bursary

Bequest of the late Shirley L. Muir (UC 1923), of the value of the annual income (approximately $500) from the Fund, for a student with high standing and financial need.


Sara Lillian Smith Memorial Bursary

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Paul Sussman, and the late Mr. Samuel Smith, of the value of the annual income (approximately $220) from the Fund, to be awarded to a student, preferably in the Fourth Year, who is studying English, and is in need of financial assistance.


Gordon Southam OSOTF Scholarships

For students in financial need.


Cheuk and Anne Wong OSOTFII/OTSS Scholarship

Awarded to a University College student with financial need who is enrolled in a program in English.  Recipients must satisify eligibility requirements of OSOTFII and//or OTSS regulations.