Three UC Faculty Members Appointed to the Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to Professors Brenda Cossman, Keren Rice, and Jeffrey Rosenthal, UC's latest appointees to the Royal Society of Canada.

Brenda Cossman, Director of the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at UC and a Professor in the Faculty of Law, has achieved international recognition for her scholarship on issues that are fundamental to how Canadians see themselves, including freedom of expression, sexuality, and the legal regulation of intimate relationships. Across a broad range of disciplines and through a wide array of publications, including five books, a wealth of articles, newspaper columns, media interviews, and a number of law reform reports for governments, she has worked to make us think critically about how the law functions in the most public and private aspects of our lives, including the ways we value and experience family, intimacy, sexuality, and identity.

Linguistics professor Keren Rice has done work in theoretical phonology, theoretical morphology, language description, and indigenous-community linguistics, focusing on Athabaskan languages of the Northwest Territories, Canada in particular. Her book, A Grammar of Slave, won the Leonard Bloomfield book award from the Linguistic Society of America. She has been honoured with the Killam Prize, the Molson Prize, and an eagle feather from First Nations House (University of Toronto).

Professor of Statistics Jeffrey Rosenthal was honoured for profound and deep contributions to probability and statistics, including highly original and influential results on the mathematical analysis of Markov chain Monte Carlo methods; for exceptional breadth of application of statistics and statistical computing to problems in science and social science; and for dedicated and skilled communication of probability and statistics to the broader public through his best-selling book, Struck by Lightning.