Meet the UC Lit's Next President and Vice-President

Ramsey AndaryDaman Singh

The University College Literary and Athletic Society (UC Lit) recently held elections for the 2016-17 council. Congratulations to Ramsey Andary (left) and Daman Singh, who were elected President and Vice-President, respectively.

Ramsey, a commerce student entering his fourth year, is the current Vice-President of the Lit. As President he hopes to create a sustainability commission, increase student engagement, improve Diabolos’ Café’s business practices, and continue working with students to increase equity and reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

Daman is a political science and philosophy student entering his third year. He campaigned on a platform of making the Lit more relevant to student needs and accountable to student criticisms. During his term he would like to improve accessibility of Lit events and reform the student initiatives fund by making it more readily available to members.

Full election results will be posted to the Lit website soon.