UC Student-Faculty Dinners Offer Food for Thought

UC Student-Faculty Dinner Series

With the fall upon us, the University College Student-Faculty Dinner Series is in full swing—and it’s getting rave reviews from students. Introduced in 2013 as a way for students to get to know their professors in a casual atmosphere away from the pressures of the classroom, the dinners are free to students and held in Bissell House, the official residence of the UC Principal.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity to connect to students and professors from different academic backgrounds who are open and willing to share their world views and personal motivations,” says Finn Wendland, a third-year exchange student from Germany studying Political Science and Economics. He particularly enjoyed getting to see Bissell House—“a hidden but historically important place for University College.”

If you’re a UC student interested in attending a dinner, please contact the Dean of Students Office at uc.residences@utoronto.ca or click here for more information.