UC Writing Award Winners, 2018

Norma Epstein Foundation Awards in Creative Writing:

First place

Morgan Davies, The Affair (drama)

Second places:

Kristen Zimmer, "Vignettes" (poetry)

Rachel Chiong, "Dark Magic" (poetry)

Sana Mohtadi, Sana Mohtadi Poetry Portfolio (poetry)

Third places:

Lok Sang Jeffrey To, "Toys Tossed Away" (other prose)

Tallan Byram, “Yet Why Not Say What Happened?” (other prose)

Frederic Davidson Competition:

First prize:

James Hyett, "R Is for Revolution: Sound Change and Pedagogical Problems in Eighteenth-Century French Teaching in England" (essay on English literature)

Second prize:

Amritpal Singh, "The Heroic Thread of Erich Auerbach’s Mimesis" (essay on English literature)

Third prize:

Emma Davies, "Disrupting Rousseau’s Biological Essentialism in Wollstonecraft’s Original Stories from Real Life" (essay on English literature)

Meyer (Mike) Greenstein Memorial Student Award for Writing Excellence:

Alisha Stranges, "Engineering Spaces of Respite: Refunctioning Psychological Trauma through the Practice of Solo Improvised Rhythm Tap" (academic essay)