Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC) are floors, clusters of rooms, or entire Houses, where students with similar interests and/or academic pursuits live together. LLCs allow students to:

  • Meet, live, and learn with like-minded residents
  • Foster shared interests, goals, and challenges
  • Benefit from focused support led by peers and student life staff

Students in an LLC will experience directed and creative programming facilitated by dedicated Residence Don(s) and other students in the community. Both incoming and returning residents in each LLC are encouraged to take active roles in the design and implementation of various engagement opportunities.

We have four (4) Living Learning Communities:

Life Sciences Community

The Life Sciences Community brings students together studying in the sciences with an interest in biological and/or health sciences. This LLC provides an integrated living-learning environment dedicated to extending the life science curriculum beyond the classroom. Students will benefit from many opportunities such as:

  • interacting with science faculty outside the classroom
  • living with experienced upper year students in the life sciences
  • career preparation and counseling focused on the sciences and
  • other programming tailored to the needs of life science students!

This community will be supported by Residence Don(s) in their upper year with an academic background in the life sciences.

Arts and Culture Community

The Arts and Culture Community brings students together who appreciate various forms of art and are interested in fostering creativity. Students will have the opportunity to network with artists, showcase their skills, interact with faculty in the arts and humanities, and learn about engagement opportunities in Toronto’s arts community. Organized activities may include:

  • attending musical, dance, and theatrical performances
  • trips to museums, spoken word and poetry readings, film screenings, photography exhibits, and
  • excursions to comedy shows, improv workshops, culinary tours, and craft stores.

This community will be supported by Residence Don(s) in their upper year with an academic background in the arts and humanities. Please note that the Arts & Culture Community is open to students in any program of study.

Health and Wellness Community

The Health and Wellness Community brings students together interested in practicing a healthy, well-balanced, and/or active lifestyle. Students in this LLC will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of programs exploring the wide spectrum of health and wellness such as:

  • participating in athletic events (e.g. intramurals) and fitness activities
  • attending yoga, meditation and nutrition sessions
  • interacting with faculty and staff in the fields of physical education, health, nutrition, and well-being and
  • developing a personal wellness plan.

The goal of this community is to empower students to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the challenges of being a successful student. This community will be supported by Residence Don(s) in their upper year with an academic background in kinesiology, physical education, and/or health.  The Health and Wellness Community is open to students in all programs of study.

Global Perspectives Community

The Global Perspectives Community brings together domestic and international students interested in cross-cultural learning, international issues, and exploring other aspects of global diversity through academic, cultural, and social approaches. Students in this LLC will have the opportunity to:

  • meet, live, and learn with students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences
  • participate in events and discussions centered around global and transnational issues
  • enjoy social activities and programming with an international flair and
  • partake in active civic engagement in local communities and with global issues.

The aim of this community is to develop competencies needed to live in today’s increasingly global society and cultivate students’ cross-cultural skills, knowledge, and perspectives. International and exchange students who choose this LLC will have a wonderful opportunity to meet students from all over the world, while making connections with Canadian students and learning more about the country in which they’ve chosen to study. This community will be supported by Residence Don(s) in their upper year with an academic background in social sciences, international relations, and/or global affairs.

Single-Gender Floors (Limited Spaces Available)

This is an option for students who prefer to live in an all-women or all-men environment. Students of another gender are still welcome as visitors on these floors; however, they must use washrooms on another floor. Please note that single-gender floors are part of a mixed-gender House in a mixed-gender building. Spaces on single-gender floors are very limited and it may not be possible to accommodate all requests. Please note that single-gender floor assignments take precedence over your accommodation (building and room type) preferences.

We have two (2) Single-Gender Floors:

  • All Women's Floor
  • All Men's Floor