UC Students Put Their Learning on Display

Students enrolled in University College’s interdisciplinary academic programs showed off the fruits of their labours at a number of student-driven conferences and presentations in recent weeks.

Cognitive Science program students took part in the University of Toronto Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Mind (UTism) on February 6 and 7; watch videos from the event here. The conference was organized by the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Students’ Association, which was recently named course union of the year by the Arts & Science Students’ Union.

On March 11 and 18, respectively, Canadian Studies and Health Studies students held their end-of-year symposia. The annual events allow students to showcase their research projects and develop presentation skills—opportunities that can be rare at the undergraduate level.

Also on March 18, students representing each of University College’s signature programs, including the UC One: Engaging Toronto seminar series for first-year students, gathered for Research and Practice Day. The wide-ranging topics and creative displays made for an afternoon of stimulating conversation among students and faculty alike.

“What I love about Research and Practice Day is the interaction with students and between students,” says UC Vice-Principal John Marshall. “Over the course of their work in the lab, in the library, and in the community, they have become experts and the day lets them share their expertise with each other.

“Moreover, the preparation to consolidate their knowledge, and the articulation of it in posters and in discussion, is part of solidifying their learning. And as a bonus we learn from each other.”


Story by Yvonne Palkowski
Photos by Bryan Eelhart and Khamla Sengthavy