University College Alumni Association Terms of Reference


The name of this Association shall be the “University College Alumni Association” also known as the UCAA.


The objective of the UCAA shall be to promote continuing community among the alumni, between alumni and students, and between alumni and University College for their mutual benefit and for the good of the College. The Association shall present the opinions and recommendations of the alumni to the administration and faculty of the College, and shall serve as a resource for the College in advancing the College’s mission.


The mission of the University College Alumni Association is to unite the diverse alumni community in order to advance the reputation of University College as an institution of undergraduate excellence.


All alumni of University College are members of the UCAA and they will be represented by UCAA Officers, comprised of six UC alumni and one current student (the President of University College Literary and Athletic Society, or as determined by that body).  An alumnus/a is defined as a who has completed four or more courses and is not currently enrolled as a student.

Committee members will serve a 2-year term, renewable twice for a total of 6 years.

The Committee Chair may serve two consecutive 3-year terms.  

Application Procedure

All UC alumni interested in participating on the Executive Committee must submit an application form.

Student members will be appointed by the University College Literary and Athletic Society.

The UCAA Executive Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the University College Principal. The Principal will make the final decision on who joins the Executive.

Annual Meetings

Meeting 1 – September

  • UC Principal addresses the UCAA. Outlines the vision for the College over the coming academic year
  • UC Director of Advancement addresses the UCAA
  • University College Literary and Athletic Society addresses the UCAA
  • UCAA reviews event calendar of alumni events and identifies alumni ambassadors to attend and represent UC
  • Bring forward suggestions for College of Electors appointments

Meeting 2 – February

  • Review and vote on applications for forthcoming UCAA Executive Committee vacancies. Preferred applicants will be brought forward to UC Principal for final approval
  • Review alumni programming for upcoming fiscal year and provide recommendations

Meeting 3 – May

  • Selection of Young Alumni of Influence Award recipient

Ad hoc meetings may arise as needed.

Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the UCAA Executive Committee are responsible for the following duties and should expect to commit 10-20 hours per year. It will be the job of this committee to divide this work amongst them.

  • UC ambassadors at University College events and University of Toronto events (example - U of T in your Neighbourhood or Young Alumni Shakers)
  • Advise on alumni relations programming and joint programming for alumni and students
  • Recruit alumni to sit on UCAA, become mentors, and serve on Alumni of Influence selection committee
  • Serve as selection committee for Young Alumni of Influence Award
  • Bring greetings at UC events (Spring Reunion, Alumni of Influence, Alumni Salon Series)
  • Assist the UC Book Sale or help recruit alumni volunteers

While the committee acts more like a collective than a hierarchical body, for the purposes of participation on a variety of institution-wide governing bodies (Council of Presidents, alumni representative at key events at UC and University-wide) we require an official leader who will be called Chair of the UCAA. To this end, the Chair’s position is the only one which has a unique job description.

The Principal will select an individual who will undertake that role based on commitment, knowledge and understanding of the College, the Advancement goals and more specifically the alumni relations goals. This person will also sit on the University College Council.

Expected Outcomes

  • Successfully build and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the College
  • A more engaged and strengthened alumni base
  • Increased opportunities for alumni to maintain an active affiliation and deepen their affinity to the College and the University as a whole
  • Stimulate a sense of pride in the College and the University
  • Expand the active network of our alumni pool (more mentors, increased response and participation at events)
  • Expanded alumni programming (bring ideas on new ways of engaging alumni)
  • Renewed and strengthened awareness of the College and its efforts to engage alumni
  • Survey alumni to ensure their needs and expectations are being met.