At the heart of the Canadian Studies program are its students.  As a thriving undergraduate program, Canadian Studies is all about making the student experience at the University of Toronto challenging and rewarding. We offer interesting courses, as well as a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.


One of the strengths of the Canadian Studies program is the range of knowledge brought to it by our faculty and instructors whose research and teaching interests span the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Academic Advisory Board

The Canadian Studies Academic Advisory Board comprises faculty from across the Social Sciences and Humanities in the Faculty of Arts & Science. The Board makes decisions about program developments and initiatives, and works together to support the study of Canada at the University of Toronto.

Graduate Fellows

The Canadian Studies program is developing a Graduate Student Network will create opportunities for interdisciplinary connection among graduate students who are engaged in research on Canada across the Humanities and Social Sciences. Network activities will include: graduate research grants ($1000) for scholarship on Canada or in Canadian studies; workshops for graduate students to present and receive friendly but rigorous feedback on their work; and other opportunities for faculty, graduate students and advanced undergraduates to share insights and resources across diverse disciplinary formations.


The Canadian Studies program regularly features distinguished guest speakers from the community and from among the amazing array of scholars at the university. Visiting Canadians from across the country and around the world also bring new perspectives to the program.

Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitor

Every year the Canadian Studies program and University College host a distinguished visitor from the arts community. The visitor helps to organize a public event, gives guest lectures in classes, and holds one-on-one meetings with students. Past Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitors include Sarah Polley, Camilla Gibb, and Linda Griffiths.


Canadian Studies graduates are well poised to undertake graduate studies. The mentorship provided in the small classes gives students an extra advantage. Alumni of the Canadian Studies program have gone on to succeed in a wide range of areas, from business and banking, to government, to teaching, and the arts.