Returning Students

Readmission to Residence

In general, students who have lived in residence DO NOT qualify for the Residence Guarantee. Readmission into residence after your first year of living here depends heavily on co-curricular and extra-curricular involvement, specifically within the residences, the College, the University, and the city of Toronto and its communities. The UC Residences award points to students for their involvement; readmission is then based on these points.

Current UC residents who wish to return must submit the following items as part of their application package for readmission:

  1. Attend a mandatory House Meeting in March, where House Don(s) will discuss the readmission and room balloting process.
  2. Submit a supplementary residence application on the Housing Application Portal - available starting March 6, 2017.
  3. Submit a Room Ballot on ResInfo.
  4. Submit Involvement Claims on ResInfo.
  5. Submit any outstanding House Event forms on ResInfo.

The deadline to complete all the steps above is Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 11:59PM. Please visit Resinfo ( and login with your UTORid for more details.

All students who submit an application package for readmission will be considered for residence space next year. Your total Residence Points will determine your ranking on the readmission list. The top 160 students (approximately) will receive Residence Offers for next year and the rest of the applicants will be placed on the waiting list. Subsequent offers will be sent to applicants on the waiting list based on their ranking and space availability.

Students who receive Residence Offers will be asked to pay a $600.00 deposit within 5-10 business days from their offer date to secure their reservation for next year.

Typical Application Timeline

  • March 18- mandatory House Meetings
  • March 15 - April 8 - submit your application package for readmission
  • April 8 - deadline to submit your application package
  • Mid- to late April - first round of residence offers to returning students
  • From May onwards - subsequent offers will be sent depending on space availability
  • Mid June to early July - building and room assignments based on the room balloting process will be emailed to returning students
  • September 4 - Move-In Day for Returning Students!

Room Assignments for Returning Students

Room assignments for returning residents are based on a Room Balloting process, which will be explained to residents during mandatory House meetings in March.  Residence staff do their best to accommodate students' preferences during the room assignment process.