Web Sites on Writing about Literature


U of T's web site on writing. Contains over 60 files giving advice on writing essays. Also contains lots of information about courses and sources of extra help on writing.


An index to what is probably the most extensive web site on writing: The Purdue University writing web site.


This very complete guide to writing about literature is provided by the Norton publishing house. In-depth discussions about documentation; critical approaches; writing about the genres; and the stages of writing.


Purdue University's pages on writing about literature. Includes a discussion of what makes a good topic and what makes a good thesis statement.


The University of North Carolina's page on writing about literature. Provides an eight-step guide to writing about fiction.


A concise set of guidelines from the University of Illinois emphasizing the importance of avoiding vague assertions.


A series of tips on writing about poetry that encourages you to think more deeply about how local effects serve the overall meaning of the poem.


A web site specifically on integrating quotations into your essays.

Written by Jerry Plotnick, Director, University College Writing Centre