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Two students reading a book in the leith student lounge in the commuter student centre

Community Co-ordinators

If you don't live in residence, your community co-ordinators can be your first point of support. They facilitate activities, events and programsĀ to develop a strong sense of community in the Commuter Student Centre.

Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse

What do they do?

Community co-ordinators (CoCo) support and facilitate your community engagement at University College. They help orient new students to university life and provide social opportunities through events and programs in the Commuter Student Centre (CSC). They can also connect you with personal, academic, financialĀ or other resources to support your undergraduate journey.

They are available for office hours every week and oversee locker rentals and other activities in the CSC.

When to meet with your CoCo:

  • If you want one-on-one peer support and advice on personal, academic, financial or other matters;
  • To participate in engaging programs and meet new people;
  • To learn how to get involved in the UC community.

2019-2020 Community Co-ordinators

Aleksandra Aleksandrova

Office Hours

Pending for 2020 Winter

Jashandeep Navi

Office Hours

Pending for 2020 Winter