Thrive at UC

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Thrive at UC is a FREE two-day orientation offered by the Office of the Dean of Students. Thrive takes place on September 3rd and 4th and provides students with the opportunity to tour on-campus locations, participate in academic workshops, attend UC Day, and engage in social activities to get to know their peers and upper-year student leaders.

If you would like an intimate, condensed, and academically-focused orientation, click here to register!

Click here to register for Thrive

Thrive Frequently Asked Questions

When is Thrive?

Thrive will take place on September 3rd and September 4th.

When is the Registration deadline?

Registration must be completed by Thursday August 23rd  at 11:59pm.

If I missed the registration deadline, could I still attend Thrive?

If you missed the registration deadline, email us at

What are some things I could do on September 5th (the day after Thrive and before classes start on September 7th)?

The UTSU Clubs Carnival takes place on September 5th from 3pm to 6pm at King’s College Circle.

This day is also a great time for you to explore the U of T campus and Toronto with the friends you met at Thrive.  Find some event ideas here.  

Will food be provided at Thrive?

Yes! Three meals will be provided on the first day of Thrive, and breakfast and lunch will be provided on the second day. Accommodations will be made available based on dietary needs. Please specify your requirements during registration.

Where can I find food on campus after Thrive is over?

Howard Ferguson Dining Hall, Café Reznikoff, Robarts Library, The Sid Smith Café, Hart House, and the Medical Sciences Building sell food and are all within a 2-5 minute walk of University College. There are also multiple food trucks parked in front of the UC Residence buildings.

Check out the U of T food services website to find your options.

To see these places on a map, check the U of T map and click the food icon on the left sidebar.

Is Thrive the same as the week-long UC Orientation: Codename: UC?

No, below we have listed some of the differences between the orientations.


Orientation Week: Codename:UC

Date: September 3rd & 4th (2 days)

Date: September 3rd- 8th (6 days)

Location:  University College, 15 King's College Circle

Location: University College, 15 King's College Circle

Key Features: Intimate, condensed, low-key, academically focused

Key Features: Academic programming, opportunities for social bonding and exploring Toronto in 6 days packed with events!

Price: FREE


Early Bird Registration (June 1st - June 30th): $105

Regular Registration (July 1st - July 31st): $120

Late Registration (August 1st - August 31st): $130

Day-Of Registration (September 3rd): $140

Registration Deadline: Thursday August 23rd

Registration: Registration continues until September 3rd



Website: Current webpage



Can I attend Thrive and the week long UC Orientation at the same time?

Since the orientations overlap, a student could attend Thrive on the first two days of orientation week and the weeklong orientation (Codename: UC) on the other days. Please note that we discourage students from registering for both orientations.

If you register for both orientations, you will be missing two full days of Codename: UC, so you won’t be getting the full experience. While two days may not seem like a lot, missing the first part of the week-long orientation is not recommended and could have a negative effect on your experience because you will be missing introductions, bonding time with other students, and some activities.

Do I have to attend every single session at Thrive if it conflicts with my schedule?

While we do encourage students to come to all the sessions, you may skip some sessions if they conflict with your schedule. Please note that sessions at Thrive are not repeated and tie in with the rest of the schedule due to our condensed format. To avoid missing out, try to attend all of the sessions.

Will I be able to talk to upper-students for advice during Thrive?

Of course! Thrive activities are led by upper-year student leaders. These leaders have a wealth of knowledge and are prepared to answer your questions, or to refer you to the relevant resources. Students will also participate in PRE U of T, which is an event embedded into all UC orientation events.

PRE U of T provides students with an opportunity to access students and faculty through a panel. This allows students to gain tips and have more of their questions answered. Learn more about PRE U of T here.

Will I have the opportunity to talk to any professors?

Yes! You will have a chance to ask professors questions at the end of their mock lecture presentations at Thrive.  PRE U of T is another event embedded in the Thrive schedule that will allow students to speak directly to faculty in their academic stream. Learn more about PRE U of T here.

Will there be lectures? And if so, what topics will be discussed?

The mock lectures at Thrive will focus on two topics: the life sciences and the humanities/social sciences. Students will have a chance to choose one lecture to attend based on their interests. The mock lectures change from year to year, but for Thrive 2016 we had a presentation by Professor Kenneth Yip from the Cells and Systems Biology department, and a lecture by Professor Kenneth Bartlett from the History department. 

What is Thrive Social Night? Is it a dance? Will alcohol be provided?

Thrive Social Night is a social at the end of the first day of Thrive. You can use this event to connect further with people that you met throughout the day. There will be activities, games, and snacks. It is not a ball/dance event.

Please note that Thrive and Orienation: Code Name UC are dry events, meaning that no alcohol will be served.

What should I bring to Thrive?

We suggest bringing a water bottle, and comfortable shoes. Please note that you will be responsible for your valuables.

Can my parents/guardians attend Thrive with me?

Thrive is a student focused orientation. Unless their attendance is necessary for accommodation purposes, parents/guardians cannot accompany the Thrive participants. If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to email us.

Can I invite friends that are in a different college?

Thrive is only for University College students. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow first-year students, upper-year student volunteers, and faculty and staff members. We encourage you to keep an open mind and make a few new friends during your time at Thrive!

Can I see the Thrive schedule?

We are curretnly updating our 2018 scheulde but you can take a look at 2017's schedule for an idea of how the days are laid out!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at