University College Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number UC Room Number
Alan Ackerman Professor, Department of English & Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-946-3455
Donald Ainslie Principal, University College;
Professor, Department of Philosophy 416-978-7516 UC 165
Suzanne Akbari Director & Professor, Centre for Medieval Studies;
Professor, Department of English 416-978-8142 UC 281
Ted Banning Chair & Professor, Department of Anthropology 416-978-2315
Sylvia Bashevkin Professor, Department of Political Science;
Former Principal 416-978-3289 UC E102
Alan Bewell Chair & Professor, Department of English 416-978-3197
Antje Budde Associate Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-978-8115 UC 357
Nikki Cesare Assistant Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-978-8133
Mark Cheetham Professor, Department of Art 416-978-8104 UC 241
George Elliott Clarke Professor, Department of English 416-946-3143
Michael Cobb Professor, Department of English 416-978-8114 UC 243
Isabelle Cochelin Associate Professor, Department of History 416-978-7414 UC F103
Brenda Cossman Director, Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies;
Professor, Faculty of Law 416-978-8103
Barbara Fischer Executive Director and Chief Curator Art Museum University of Toronto, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery University of Toronto Art Centre;
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design 416-978-2453
Margaret Fulford UC Librarian 416-978-4634 UC 222
Meric Gertler President, University of Toronto;
Professor, Department of Geography 416-978-3383
Robert Gibbs Director, Jackman Humanities Institute;
Professor, Department of Philosophy 416-978-7415 UC 320
Emily Gilbert Associate Professor, Department of Geography and University College 416-978-0751 UC B301
Cynthia Goh Professor, Department of Chemistry 416-978-6254
Ken Green Associate Professor, Department and Centre for the Study of Religion 416-978-8116 UC F104
Antoinette Handley Associate Professor, Department of Political Science 416-946-5293 UC F210
Elizabeth Harvey Professor, Department of English 416-946-0276
Sean Hawkins Associate Professor, Department of History 416-978-7418 UC D201
Joseph Heath Professor, Department of Philosophy 416-978-8094 UC 149
Geoffrey Hinton University Professor, Department of Computer Science 416-978-7564
Robert Holmstedt Associate Professor, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations 416-978-3180
Jim John Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and UC 416-946-3402 UC F209
Alana Johns Professor, Department of Linguistics 416-978-1761
Stephen Johnson Director & Associate Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies;
Associate Professor, Department of English and Drama, UTM;
ON LEAVE 416-978-7980
Patrick Keilty Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information 416-946-3809
Andrew Kettler Assistant Professor UC A307
Thomas Keymer Chancellor Jackman Professor, Department of English 416-946-0276
Bruce Kidd Vice-President, University of Toronto;
Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough;
Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education 416-287-7025 UC F208
Pia Kleber Helen and Paul Phelan Chair in Drama;
Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-978-7483 UC 279
Jeff Kopstein Director, Centre for Jewish Studies;
Professor, Department of Political Science 416-978-8131 UC B202
Christina Kramer Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures 416-926-1300 Ext. 3221 UC F203
Elizabeth Legge Chair, Department of Art 416-978-7891 UC A304
Tania Li Professor, Department of Anthropology;
Canada Research Chair in the Political-Economy and Culture of Asia 416-946-3693
Scott Mabury Vice-President University Operations;
Professor, Department of Chemistry 416-978-7116
Lisa R. Mar Associate Professor ;
Richard Charles Lee Chair in Chinese Canadian Studies,Department of History and University College (416) 978-8087 UC 150
John W. Marshall (On Leave) Vice-Principal, University College;
Coordinator, UC One Program;
Associate Professor | Department for the Study of Religion 416-978-6667 UC 254
Jill Matus Vice-Provost, Students & First Entry Divisions;
Professor, Department of English 416-978-3870 UC 145
Lance McCready Assistant Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 416-978-0183
Mihnea Moldoveanu Associate Dean, Full-Time MBA Program;
Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management;
Director, Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking ;
Marcel Desautels Professor of Integrative Thinking 416-978-7700
David Novak Professor, J. Richard & Dorothy Shiff Chair of Jewish Studies;
Department for the Study of Religion 416-946-3229
Derek Penslar Samuel Zacks Professor of Jewish History;
Professor, Department of History;
ON LEAVE 416-978-0339
Ana Pérez-Leroux Professor of Spanish and Linguistics;
Director of Cognitive Science Program (416)978-8404
Jerrold Plotnick (On Leave) Director, Writing Centre;
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream 416-946-3836 UC 218
VK Preston Assistant Professor, Theatre, Dance, and Performance History UC A307
Jenny Purtle Associate Professor