University College Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number UC Room Number
Robert Gibbs Director, Jackman Humanities Institute;
Professor, Department of Philosophy 416-978-7415 UC 320
Emily Gilbert Associate Professor, Department of Geography and University College 416-978-0751 UC B301
John Gittins Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology UC 048
Cynthia Goh Professor, Department of Chemistry 416-978-6254
Elizabeth Gould Associate Professor, Faculty of Music 416-946-5603
John Grant Professor Emeritus, Department of Classics 416-946-5162 UC 048
Ken Green Associate Professor, Department and Centre for the Study of Religion 416-978-8116 UC F104
Franklyn Griffiths Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science 416-978-3326 UC 048
William Halewood Professor Emeritus, Department of English UC 048
Francess Halpenny Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Information Studies UC 048
Antoinette Handley Associate Professor, Department of Political Science 416-946-5293 UC F210
Naomi Handley Director of Advancement 416-978-7482 UC H013
Peter Harris Professor Emeritus, Victoria College 416-585-4497 UC 048
Elizabeth Harvey Professor, Department of English 416-946-0276
Bart Harvey Associate Professor | Dalla Lana Faculty of Public Health 416-946-5793
Sean Hawkins Associate Professor, Department of History 416-978-7418 UC D201
Antonette Healey Angus Cameron Professor of Old English Studies;
Professor, English & Centre for Medieval Studies 416-978-8883
Joseph Heath Professor, Department of Philosophy 416-978-8094 UC 149
Colin Henderson Residence and Student Life Assistant 416-978-2530 UC D104
Mike Henry Alumni Relations Officer 416-978-2968 UC H011
David Higgs Professor Emeritus, Department of History 416-978-8482 UC 048
Geoffrey Hinton University Professor, Department of Computer Science 416-978-7564
Robert Holmstedt Associate Professor, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations 416-978-3180
Soheil Homayouni-Boroojeni Lecturer, Department of Mathematics
Robert Imlay Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy 416-978-3326 UC 048
Jim John Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and UC 416-946-3402 UC F209
Alana Johns Professor, Department of Linguistics 416-978-1761
Stephen Johnson Director & Associate Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies;
Associate Professor, Department of English and Drama, UTM;
ON LEAVE 416-978-7980
Sophia Kaszuba Laidlaw Librarian Emeritus
Patrick Keilty Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information 416-946-3809
William Keith Professor Emeritus, Department of English UC 048
Andrew Kettler Assistant Professor UC A307
Thomas Keymer Chancellor Jackman Professor, Department of English 416-946-0276
Bruce Kidd Vice-President, University of Toronto;
Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough;
Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education 416-287-7025 UC F208
Lorissa Kinna Acting Librarian - Laidlaw Library 416-978-4634
Michael Kirkham Professor Emeritus, Department of English 416-978-3326 UC 048
David Klausner Professor Emeritus, Department of English 416-946-7379 UC 048
Pia Kleber Helen and Paul Phelan Chair in Drama;
Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-978-7483 UC 279
Michael Kobayashi Executive Chef 416-946-3424
Jeff Kopstein Director, Centre for Jewish Studies;
Professor, Department of Political Science 416-978-8131 UC B202
Christina Kramer Acting Vice-Principal, University College;
Professor, Slavic Linguistics 416 946 3066 UC 145
Christina Kramer Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures 416-926-1300 Ext. 3221 UC F203
Anne Lancashire Professor Emeritus, Department of English
Francis Langevin Lecturer, Department of French (416) 926-2310
Brett Lavoie Computing Services 416-978-0422 UC 059
Brett Lavoie Computing Services Coordinator (416) 978-0422 UC 059
Richard Lee Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology 416-978-4805
Alexander Leggatt Professor Emeritus, Department of English UC 048
Elizabeth Legge Chair, Department of Art 416-978-7891 UC A304
Emile Lehouck Professor Emeritus, Department of French UC 048