University College Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number UC Room Number
Joe Repka Professor, Department of Mathematics 416-978-4692
Keren Rice Chair & Professor, Department of Linguistics;
Professor, Aboriginal Studies Program 416-978-1763
Douglas Richardson Professor Emeritus, Department of Art 416-946-3698 UC 048
Peter Richardson Professor Emeritus, Department for the Study of Religion;
Former Principal 416-978-8155 UC 048
James Rising Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 416-978-3482
Carol Robb Assistant Dean & Director of Human Resources, Faculty of Arts and Science 416-946-5182
Julia Rodriguez Assistant Registrar 416-978-3170 UC 157
Wendy Rolph Professor Emeritus, Department of Spanish and Portugese 416-978-4439 UC 048
Dick Roman Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology UC 048
Betty Roots Professor Emeritus, Department of Cell and Systems Biology 416-978-5710 UC 048
Banuta Rubess Sessional Lecturer | UC One Program UC F304
Mari Ruti Professor, Department of English and Drama - UTM 905-828-3738
Walid Saleh Associate Professor, Department for the Study of Religion 416-978-8110 UC 147
Rick Salutin Senior Lecturer | Canadian Studies 416-978-8130 UC B304
Henry Schogt Professor Emeritus, Department of French UC 048
Melinda Scott Dean of Students 416-978-7246 UC D102
Margaret Scully Grounds Keeper, Facilities and Services 416-978-2329
Khamla Sengthavy Program Assistant | Canadian Studies;
Program Assistant | Health Studies 416-978-8083 UC 173
Ronald Shepherd Professor Emeritus, Department of Classics 416-978-3326 UC 048
A.N. Sheps Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
Cecille Sioulis UC Programs Coordinator,,, 416-946-4025 UC 173
DJ Sison Assistant to the Dean, Administration, 416-978-2530 UC D105
Gavin Smith Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology 416-946-3324 UC 048
Brian Cantwell Smith Professor, Faculty of Information 416-946-5402
Tori Smith Instructor, Sexual Diversity Studies UC A302
Philip Sohm University Professor, Department of Art 416-978-8105 UC 245
Sam Solecki Professor Emeritus, Department of English 416-978-8129 UC 048
Jesook Song Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology;
Graduate Coordinator, Women and Gender Studies Institute 416-946-3587
Simon Stern Associate Professor, Faculty of Law 416-978-0293
J.T. Stevenson Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy UC 048
Eva Swenson Professor Emeritus, Department of Computer Science 416-978-5138
Lorne Tepperman Professor, Department of Sociology 416-978-8097 UC 143
Rebecca Thorpe Business Officer | Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies;
Program Assistant | Sexual Diversity Studies 416-978-6276 UC 251
David Townsend Professor, Department of English & Centre for Medieval Studies 416-978-6776
Tamara Trojanowska Associate Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures;
Director, Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-946-5293 UC F210
Brady Tupper Associate Director, Major Gifts, University Advancement 416-946-7783
Borje Vahamaki Professor Emeritus, Department of Slavic Language and Literatures 416-978-8116 UC 048
Mario Valdes Professor Emeritus, Centre for Comparative Literature 416-813-4041 UC 048
Mily Van Petitions Advisor 416-978-3170 UC 157
Maricar Velasco Financial Accounting Assistant 416-978-7227 UC 173
John Vervaeke Assistant Professor Teaching Stream in Cognitive Science/Psychology UC F307
Lynne Viola University Professor, Department of History 416-946-0976
Carla Vitoria (on leave) Executive Assistant to the Principal 416-978-7516 UC 165
Sarah Wakefield Director, Health Studies Program;
Associate Professor, Department of Geography 416-978-3653 UC B202
Rinaldo Walcott Associate Professor &Chair, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies, OISE;
Canada Research Chair of Social Justice and Cultural Studies 416-978-0400
David Waterhouse Professor Emeritus, Department of East Asian Studies 416-978-8155 UC 048
Mel Watkins Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics;
President Emeritus, Science for Peace
416-978-3606 UC 045
Michael Wayne Professor Emeritus, Department of History 416-978-8123 UC B303
Heinz Wetzel Professor Emeritus, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Andrea Williams Lecturer, Writing Instructions 416-978-8150