Two UC Faculty Members Named to Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to UC faculty members Joseph Heath and Evan Thompson, who were recently named to the Royal Society of Canada. Heath is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the  School of Public Policy and Governance, as well as the Director of the Centre for Ethics. He is  an international leader in political philosophy and the theory of rationality.

Student-Faculty Engagement Grants

Across University College we strive to achieve our collective vision of a welcoming community that challenges undergraduate students to excel intellectually and prepares them to engage in the wider world.  Opportunities for meaningful student-faculty engagement both inside and outside the classroom are critical to our success in making this vision a reality.

Peer Support Workshops

Have you ever wondered how a peer support group could help you cope with transitions, health/mental health issues, or other shared challenges? Or are you already planning or engaged in a peer support group? Join Farah Mawani, Provincial Outreach Coordinator of the Self-Help Resource Centre, at an interactive workshop series.

Why are 19th-century laws being used against a murder video on a website? - Brenda Cossman

In an article written for the Globe & Mail, Bonham Centre Director Brenda Cossman discusses the recent arrest of Mark Marek, who posted the video allegedly depicting the murder of Jun Lin by Luka Magnotta on his Bestgore website. Marek was charged on Thursday with “corrupting morals” under section 163(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. Read the full article here.