John Greyson, Filmmaker and Bonham Award Recipient, Launches Film Series on TTC Screens

Toronto filmmaker and past Bonham Centre Award winner John Greyson recently launched a 40-episode series entitled Murder in Passing, which airs on TTC screens from January 7 to March 1. For more information about the series and Greyson - who is currently an SDS fellow and working on his PhD at U of  T's Centre for Drama  - read the full interview here.


Student-Faculty Engagement Grants

Across University College we strive to achieve our collective vision of a welcoming community that challenges undergraduate students to excel intellectually and prepares them to engage in the wider world.  Opportunities for meaningful student-faculty engagement both inside and outside the classroom are critical to our success in making this vision a reality.

Apply to be a Don for 2013/14!

Being a Residence/Commuter Don is a thoroughly rewarding experience. Not only are you able to make a meaningful impact in the lives of students, but you are provided with numerous opportunities to develop such skills as conflict resolution, active listening, and community building.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please read through our application package. Should you have questions after doing so, please feel free to contact us.

UC Residence: Winter Break Staff Schedule

If you are staying in residence during the winter break (December 21 – January 5), please make note of the emergency phone numbers and the hours that each porter’s office will be open.

If you need assistance during the break, you can visit any of the porter offices’ for assistance when they are open. If the porter offices’ are not open and you need assistance, please call the don on call (phone number is provided) or campus police.