Waiting List

These instructions apply to the following students:

  • Upper Year Students (Non-Returning) - upper year students who did not live in the UC Residences during the previous academic year.
  • Inbound Exchange Students
  • First Year Students (without the Residence Guarantee) - first year students who are not eligible for or who have lost their Residence Guarantee.

How to join the waiting list

  1. On MyRes, indicate interest in residence.
  2. On MyRes, save your residence rankings.
  3. On the Housing Application Portal, submit the supplementary application (UC - Academic Year) for the term for which you are applying.

By submitting the supplementary application, you will be placed on a waiting list for residence at University College. Status on the waiting list will likely not change during the course of the summer months (May to the beginning of July). The Office of the Dean of Students will not be able to assess individual students' status on the waiting list until the end of August. Residence staff will contact students on the waiting list directly if a space becomes available.

First-year students who do not qualify for the housing guarantee or who cannot find accommodation can contact Housing Services at (416) 978-8045 to inquire about alternate housing.

Typical Application Timeline

  • Starting March 15 - supplementary residence applications will be available on the Housing Application Portal.
  • Starting July 1  - Residence Offers will be emailed to students with instructions and deadline to pay the $600.00 residence deposit

    • Withdraw by June 30 - full deposit refund
    • Withdraw by July 31 - 50% deposit refund
    • Withdraw on or after August 1 - no deposit refund
    • Withdraw on or after September 2 - no deposit refund plus cancellation fee equivalent to 28 days of room and board (approximately $1,600)
  • Starting July TBD - building and room number assignments will be emailed to students who have accepted their residence offer.
  • August TBD - deadline to pay the first half of your Occupancy Fees
  • September 2 - Move-In Day!