Sir Daniel Wilson Residence

73 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2E5

Sir Daniel Wilson Hall is named after Sir Daniel Wilson, a University College Professor of History and English. Wilson was the President of University College from 1880 to 1892, and later became the President of the University of Toronto from 1889 to 1892. The original University College residence was a men's residence located in the cloisters, or the west wing of the main college building, which is now office space. In the 1880s this residence was converted into classroom and office space. A new residence was constructed in 1954. This residence was the male counterpart to the all-female Whitney Hall until 1980, when it became co-ed. Today, Sir Daniel Wilson residence is home to 200 students in primarily single rooms. The residence is divided into six houses: McCaul, Loudon, Hutton, Wallace, Taylor, and Jeanneret.

A single bedroom in Sir Dan's. Each room contains a captain's bed (twin bed with chest of drawers underneath), study desk, study chair, lounge chair, desk lamp, bookshelf, another chest of drawers, ceiling fan, overhead lighting, bulletin board, mirror, and semi-walk in closet.

A standard common room at Sir Daniel Wilson Residence includes couches, lounge chairs, coffee tables, book shelves, and a working fireplace. Most common rooms also have a TV.

Co-ed washrooms shared with approximately 6 to 8 other residents with private toilet and shower stalls. 

Kitchen facilities are available in each House with a fridge, pantry, stove, and sink. 

The laundry room has coin-operated washers and dryers for the whole residence.  Students can exchange bills for coins at the Porter's Office. On the far side there is bicycle storage available. 

Hallways at Sir Dan's.