UC Under Construction

Construction is underway for the University College Revitalization (Spring 2018 to Summer 2019).

As of Monday, April 30th the front doors of the college will be closed to all traffic. Please use the following entrances:

  • East Front Door, Kings College Circle
  • East Side Door, Hart House Circle, Dragon Staircase Entrance
  • West Side, Sir Daniel Wilson Residence’s Laneway, Hobbit Door
  • West Side, Sir Daniel Wilson Residence’s Laneway, H-Wing entrance
Accessible entrance remains via the north laneway behind the building, through the UC Quad Gate, into the Laidlaw Wing Entrance at the Art Museum/Library wing of the building.

Rooms Closed Throughout Construction

  • East Hall & West Hall (UC 266 & UC 273)
  • Croft Chapter House (UC 183)
  • Senior Common Room (UC 185)
  • UC 163 to UC 182 
  • UC A101 
  • UC 376

Offices & Services Moved a New Location

  • Principal’s Office (H013)
  • Academic Services Office (UC H012)
  • CAO Office (H008)
  • Mail Room and Photocopy Room (H003)
  • sUCcess Commons (F205 and UC F208)

Offices & Classrooms Remaining in Place

  • Registrar’s Office (UC 157)
  • Office of the Dean of Students (Residence & Student Life) (D-wing)
  • Advancement Office (H-wing)

Thank you for your patience while we make University College a more accessible and modern space!