UC One

UC One is an exciting initiative that gives first-year students a special university experience where classroom learning is directly linked to real life experience.

Leading professors and instructors from University College will teach you to engage critically with Toronto and its multicultural communities, and to understand how your four years at University will help you make a difference to the world. 

UC One is a full-credit course, one of five courses typically taken by a first-year Faculty of Arts and Science student. Students choose from one of four courses, designed to engage students with the city from a different perspective:

• UNI101Y1: Citizenship in the Canadian City

• UNI102Y1: Performing Toronto

• UNI103Y1: Gradients of Health in an Urban Mosaic

• UNI104Y1: Sex in the City

Weekly seminars, guest speakers, and unique fieldtrips take your learning beyond the classroom and you can see the concepts you have studied in action.  

UC One prepares you for success in your studies no matter what field you choose to specialize in, from life sciences to literature to economics and beyond.