Job Opportunities

University College offers challenging work within an open environment that celebrates diversity in all of its forms. Our focus is on creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains excellent Faculty and Instructors through a combination of competitive compensation, favourable working conditions, opportunities for career growth and development, and a unique organizational culture. The academic programs at University College are interdisciplinary in nature, and they are some of the best programs in their fields. As such the College is looking for skilled educators who take multidisciplinary approaches to teaching.

Please check back regularly for new postings.

For university-wide faculty postings please visit the University of Toronto Human Resources & Equity website

Academic Appointment

CUPE 3902 Unit 1 (Undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, etc.)

There are currently no positions available. Please check back regularly for new postings.

CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Sessional Lecturer/Writing Instructor Positions (Non-students)

Sessional Lecturer - CCR199H1S (L0021) - Comics, Graphic Novels and the New Visual Culture

Sessional Lecturer - CCR199H1F (L0021) - Digital Media/Digital Makers

Sessional Lecturer - CDN218H1F - Voices in Canadian Writing (formerly UNI218H1)

Sessional Lecturer - CN225HD1F - Asian Canadian Space & Place

Sessional Lecturer - CDN268H1S - Canada and Globalization (formerly UNI268H1)

Sessional Lecturer - CDN307H1F - Asian Cultures in Canada ) formerly UNI307H1)

Sessional Lecturer - CDN355H1F - Digital Tools in a Canadian Context

Sessional Lecturer - CDN367H1S - Canadian Pluralism (formerly UNI367H1)

Sessional Lecturer - CDN380H1F - Socio-Cultural Perspective of the Canadian Jewish Community (formerly UNI380H1)

Sessional Lecturer - CDN405H1F- The University in Canada (0.25 HCE co-taught)

Sessional Lecturer - CDN435Y1 - Active Citizenship in a Canadian Context (formerly UNI435Y1)

Sessional Lecturer - COG402H1F - Seminar in Cognitive Science

Sessional Lecturer - Experiential Learning Coordinator (0.33 HCE in each of 3 semesters)

Sessional Lecturer - HST209H1F - Introduction to Health: Determinants of Health & Health Care (formerly UNI209H1)

Sessional Lecturer - HST211H1S - Canadian Health Policy (formerly UNI211H1)

Sessional Lecturer - HST250H1F - Introduction to Research Methods in Health Studies (formerly UNI200H)

Sessional Lecturer - HST310H1S - Emerging Issues in Health and Social Policies (formerly UNI310H1)

Sessional Lecturer - HST400Y1- Health Studies Practicum (0.5 FCE)

Sessional Lecturer - UNI101Y1 -  Citizenship in the Canadian City

Sessional Lecturer - UNI103Y1 - Gradients of Health in an Urban Mosaic

Sessional Lecturer - UNI104Y1 - Sex in the City


Fellowship Positions

There are currently no positions available. Please check back regularly for new postings.


Work Study Positions

Student Life Assistant 
Residence Assistant 

IT Work-Study


Casual Positions (for Students)

Student Life Intern - PRE-UofT


Continuously-Posted Notice

To be considered for a position at University College, please submit a  CUPE 3902 Unit 3 application form and curriculum vitae to, drop them off in person to room 173, or mail them to:


If you are applying for a sessional lecturer or writing instructor position, please indicate which courses you are interested in being notified about on your application form. A valid email address is required. Applications and CVs submitted via e-mail are preferred.

Hiring decisions for autumnal sessional lecturer positions are expected to be made in June, for spring in October, and for summer in March. However, some decisions may be made earlier or later than these time frames, depending on the circumstances.  Unexpected vacancies may arise at any time.

Applications submitted to University College will be retained for 16 months. Persons who submit applications and CVs will receive emailed job postings for the positions indicated on their application during this time.

This notice is posted pursuant to the CUPE Local 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement. Please note that in accordance with that agreement, preference in hiring is given to qualified persons advanced to the rank of Sessional Lecturer II or III and Writing Instructor II at University College.

Application Form

CUPE 3902 Unit 3 application form (PDF)
CUPE 3902 Unit 3 application form (Word)