Residence and Student Life Staff

Dean of Students - Melinda Scott

As the Dean of Students, Melinda oversees all student life activities in the College and supervises UC's residence operation.  Her work includes collaborating with students and staff to develop a strong, inclusive, and welcoming student experience.  Melinda has worked in student life for more than ten years in a variety of areas.  She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Guelph and her Master's degree in education at OISE-UT.  If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding student life or the residences she always wants to hear from you.
(416) 978-2530
15 King's College Circle, D-102
Toronto, ON  M5S 3H7

Assistant to the Dean, Residence Life - Leah McCormack-Smith

As the Assistant to the Dean, Residence Life, Leah helps maintain the safety of the residences and responds to emergency situations.  She works with the Residence Dons to provide support for students and opportunities to get involved. Leah also works closely with the University College Residence Council (UCRC) supporting their efforts to offer  programming within residence and to represent residence students to the University College administration and University College Literary and Athletic Society. If you have any questions or concerns while living in residence, please feel free to contact her.
(416) 978-2539
15 King's College Circle, D104
Toronto, ON  M5S 3H7

Student Life Coordinator - Scott Clarke

As the Student Life Coordinator, Scott is responsible for supporting UC students as they work to develop their out of the classroom experiences.  He works closely with the UC LIT, the First Year Learning Communities (FLC’s), Commuter Dons and Course Unions to develop and implement a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities.   He is also available to support individual UC students on a one to one basis and loves having impromptu discussions about life and involvement at U of T with whoever drops by his office.
(416) 978-2531
15 King's College Circle, D101
Toronto, ON  M5S 3H7

Assistant to the Dean, Administration - Don Sison

In addition to the day-to-day operations of the Residence Office, Don is responsible for overseeing the admissions process for new and returning residence students. Don is also tasked with communicating information to residence students through email and social media. Additionally, all food service, tour and internet/network related inquiries can be sent his way. If you have any questions with regard to the aforementioned, please do not hesitate to contact him.
(416) 978-2530
15 King's College Circle, D105
Toronto, ON  M5S 3H7

Food Services Manager - Peter Sudenis

As the Food Services Manager, Peter is responsible for overseeing the dining hall and Reznikoff's Cafe.  He meets regularly with Student Food Committee members and responds to student concerns about the food operation.  Your feedback is always welcome.
(416) 978-2869
75 St. George St
Toronto, ON M5S 2E5

Building Stewards

The Building Stewards are responsible for the day-to-day operations in each of the UC residence buildings.  This includes key distribution, mail, and providing various services.  If you have any building related issues such as maintenance, they're the ones to talk to!  They also oversee the student Porter staff.

Whitney Hall: Tom McCallum,  Phone: (416) 978-2532  Email:
Sir Daniel Wilson: TBD, Phone: (416) 978-2520
Morrison Hall: Shena Krishna, Phone: (416) 946-3851 Email:


The caretaking staff are responsible for cleaning the common areas of the residences.  The Head Caretaker is Fatima Freitas.  If you have questions or concerns related to cleaning or maintenance please direct them to your Building Steward.

Residence Dons

There are 21 Dons in the UC Residences.  Dons are primarily there to help students figure out how to deal with any problems or issues they may be experiencing.  The Dons are appointed by the Dean after they are selected by a committee made up of staff, Dons and students.  With a few exceptions, Residence Dons are usually graduate students or senior undergraduate students.  Dons provide leadership, support, academic help and advice to residents and refer students for further assistance as needed.  They often help organize social activities within the house and involve as many house members as possible in house activities.  The Dons also have an important role in the maintenance of order in the house and encouraging individuals to avoid behaviour that may negatively impact other residents.

Community Coordinators

UC has two Commuter Dons.  The Commuter Dons are located in the Commuter Student Centre and develop student-focused programs designed to help off-campus students connect with the UC and U of T community.