Alumna Nishi Kumar on What it Costs to Thrive in Toronto

Former University College Literary and Athletic Society president Nishi Kumar, now a junior fellow at the Wellesley Institute, recently published "Thriving in the City: A Framework for Income and Health in the GTA." The report found that it costs between $46,186 and $55,432 after tax for a person to live a healthy life in Toronto, which is more than double the current income level for an Ontario minimum wage worker, ($20,000 after taxes).

Art Installation in Sir Daniel Wilson Quad Encourages Reflection

Next time you walk through University College's Sir Daniel Wilson Quadrangle, be sure to look down...

The quad is the site of a new art installation composed of 130 convex mirrors forming a cirlce. Entitled Wa-Wa and created by the architecture studio Uufie, the work provides a unique perspective in that the act of looking down provides a glimpse of what's above.