Orientation 2018

UC Orientation

UC Orientation is a six-day program created by the UC Literary and Athletic Society, filled with various events and activities to help first year students get acquainted with each other as well as Toronto and the U of T campus. Some examples of events held during the week are: a walking tour across Downtown Toronto, a Carnival in the UC Quad, and a day at the beach! Included in the program are academic workshops created by the Registrar's Office and the Office of the Dean of Students to help students with their transition to university, as well as opportunities to explore ways to get involved outside of the classroom.

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Thrive at UC

Thrive at UC is a free two-day Orientation program on September 3rd and 4th, 2018, planned by the UC Student Life Office which is aimed towards students who are looking for a condensed and academically-focused orientation program. During this program, students will have the opportunity to tour on-campus locations, participate in academic workshops, and attend UC Day hosted by the Registrar's Office which introduces students to University College resources.  Thrive at UC offers an orientation experience in which students learn how to successfully transition into university.  Students who participate in Thrive are also welcome to attend optional activities held later in the week. There is no registration fee for Thrive at UC!

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Summer Commuter Retreat

MyJourney is a summer commuter retreat run by the UCLit Off-Campus Commission (UCOC). This is an overnight retreat that allows first-year students to meet one another, and upper year students before September. During the two-day retreat, students will participate in activities and games planned by the UCOC and they will gain new friends, and a sense of community.

Students who attend MyJourney and the Orientation Week: Codename: UC will receive a $5 return from their orientation fees.

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Other orientation activities at the University of Toronto