Meyer (Mike) Greenstein Memorial Student Award for Writing Excellence

Established in 2007 in memory of Meyer Greenstein (UC '40), the Meyer (Mike) Greenstein Memorial Student Award for Writing Excellence offers a single prize of up to $1,000 each year for excellence in any of these categories:

  • Academic Essay
  • Other Prose
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Novel
  • Short Story

Conditions Governing the Greenstein Award:

  1. This award is open to any student registered at UC or enrolled in a major or specialist program administered by the College or affiliated with the College. Preference will be given to students who have used the services of the UC Writing Centre in the past.
  2. All entries shall automatically be entered into each of the competitions for which they are eligible. Students may submit no more than one entry in each of the following categories: Academic Essay on English or French Literature; Academic Essay on a Topic Other than English or French Literature; Other Prose; Poetry; Drama; Novel; and Short Story.
  3. Other Prose includes such forms as journalism, biography, and travel literature.
  4. Entries in the categories of Poetry, Drama, Novel, and Short Story may include a poem or small group of thematically related poems, a play of any length, a short story or small group of thematically related short stories of up to 7,500 words, an excerpt from a novel of up to 7,500 words.
  5. Entries shall be submitted under a pseudonym to University College by May 1. Please use the online entry form.
  6. The Awards Committee may limit the total number of writing awards going to a single student in any year.
  7. The name of the award winner will appear on the University College website.
  8. One hard copy of the prize-winning composition shall be permanently deposited with University College, but copyright shall remain with the author. A copy may be given to the donor with the author’s permission.