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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
Construction tour group in Croft

UC Under Construction

Everything you need to know about the University College Revitalization 
(Spring 2018 to Winter 2020).

NOTICE: There will be no wheelchair-accessible entrance to University College until further notice. For more information, please contact Yvonne MacNeil, CAO, 978-8144, or 416-522-4694.

Due to the UC Revitalization Project Construction, there will be no wheelchair-accessible entrance to University College until further notice. Since the UC Quad is a high-traffic construction zone during this phase of the project, the rear laneway has been blocked and entry must be restricted as a safety precaution. We will continue to evaluate the situation and hope to be able re-open our barrier-free entrance as soon as possible. Should you need to attend a meeting or event in the building, please contact, in advance, to arrange for an escort through the construction zone.

We apologize for this temporary setback to improved accessibility at UC.  Creating barrier-free spaces remains a central part of the Revitalization mandate, and we will continue to move forward with eyes on that important goal.

NOTICE: The Hobbit Door (West entrance from Sir Dan’s Quad laneway) remains partially barricaded during construction and will not provide access to the A-Wing, Cloisters or the UC Quad. The Hobbit Door will remain open but will provide access only to the B-Wing door. Please exercise caution when using this entrance, as construction vehicles will be utilizing the pathway during business hours. Temporary exit signage has been placed throughout A and B wings to indicate available exits while the Hobbit Door is blocked. Please follow these signs carefully.

The front doors of the college also remain closed to all traffic. Please use the following entrances:

  • East Front Door, Kings College Circle
  • East Side Door, Hart House Circle, Dragon Staircase Entrance
  • West Side, Sir Daniel Wilson Residence’s Laneway, Hobbit Door
  • West Side, Sir Daniel Wilson Residence’s Laneway, H-Wing entrance

Offices & Services Moved a New Location

  • Principal’s Office (H013)
  • Academic Services Office (UC H012)
  • CAO's Office (H008)
  • Mail Room and Photocopy Room (H003)
  • sUCcess Commons (F205 and F208)

Rooms Closed Throughout Construction

  • East Hall & West Hall (UC 266 & UC 273)
  • Croft Chapter House (UC 183)
  • Senior Common Room (UC 185)
  • UC63 to UC87
  • UC 163 to UC 182
  • UC A101 
  • UC 376

Offices & Classrooms Remaining in Place

  • Registrar’s Office (UC 157)
  • Office of the Dean of Students (Residence & Student Life) (D-wing)
  • Advancement Office (H-wing)

Thank you for your patience while we make University College a more accessible and modern space!