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The Founding College of the University of Toronto

Impact of Your Donations

2021 UC Donor Impact Report

2021 UC Donor Impact Report

Each year University College reaches out to students who received funding from donor-supported scholarships and asks them to participate in an impact report titled, "In Their Own Words". Learn how your generosity is helping University College students achieve their full potential, inside the classroom and out in the community. Because of your support, our students are reaching their goals and pushing themselves towards greater heights of achievement.

Meet some of this year's featured students:

Chen, Catherine

Catherine's Story

Due to the financial support from UC, I have had the chance to conduct clinical research and take on leadership roles in the development of a hospital volunteer program aimed at reducing delirium in the transplant population, valuable experiences that have helped me grow as both a scientist and a person.

Hannah Genich Swim

Hannah's Story

University College encompasses a unique student-centered environment where diverse learners have equitable opportunities to excel and prosper. UC students are provided with ample opportunities, resources, and supports to achieve their personal, academic, and athletic goals and future endeavors!

Kerry-Ann James UC

Kerry-Ann's Story

My time at University College has been nothing short of amazing. The faculty and staff at University College are incredibly supportive and have encouraged me to be the best I can while providing the space to do so.

Liam Bryant, JCR at UC

Liam's Story

Every opportunity I had in my later years could be traced back to the support and resources I had been given when I first moved to Canada, and the people I had met during my time at UC.

Naomi Butterfield

Naomi's Story

Awards and grants I have received from UC have been instrumental in creating a true international learning experience for me. 

Sophia Fan

Sophia's Story

Without this financial support, I would not have had as memorable a time as I did during my four years here at UC and U of T.

Varun Lodaya uclit 2021

Varun's Story

As an international student, awards and scholarships have always served as a statement of recognition and motivation for me to continue contributing to the communities that I’m a part of.

Xinyang Ye

Xinyang's Story

Awards have motivated me to study subjects I am passionate about and to make the most out of my academic experiences. They encouraged me to achieve and maintain academic excellence, to pursue opportunities confidently, and to be a well-rounded member of the student community.