Writing Centre appointments during the summer

Students at UC or in UC program courses may book writing centre appointments at the UC Writing Centre from now till August 13. Students may also book at one of the five other college centres open during the summer. If you are enrolled in the summer and taking a summer course, you may book up to TWO appointments per week. To book at UC or one of the other college centres, follow the link on the UC Writing Centre home page.

UC Writing Award Winners, 2018

Norma Epstein Foundation Awards in Creative Writing:

First place

Morgan Davies, The Affair (drama)

Second places:

Kristen Zimmer, "Vignettes" (poetry)

Rachel Chiong, "Dark Magic" (poetry)

Sana Mohtadi, Sana Mohtadi Poetry Portfolio (poetry)

Third places:

Lok Sang Jeffrey To, "Toys Tossed Away" (other prose)

Tallan Byram, “Yet Why Not Say What Happened?” (other prose)

Intensive Academic English course in August

The English Language Learning (ELL) Program will offer a non-credit course, ELL011H1F, Intensive Academic English, from August 20-29, 2018. Focus on enhancing your English for scholarly reading, academic writing, oral presentations and more. Register on ACORN along with your Fall 2018 courses. The course is very high quality and it is FREE. Contact ELL, for more information about their programming.

Ford and Trudeau will get along like oil and water -- Op-ed by Professor Nelson Wiseman

With the Conservatives once again in power, a cyclical pattern in Ontario’s political history – the clashes of federal and provincial first ministers and the contests between their governments – reasserts itself. Ford’s meeting with Justin Trudeau was an opening salvo.

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