UC One

University College's UC One enables you to take one of an exciting set of small-enrollment interdisciplinary courses that engage different aspects of Toronto: its communities and their place in Canada, the health of its citizens, its performing arts scene, and the culture and politics of its urban sexual diversity. UC One combines a strong academic orientation with co-curricular components that use Toronto as a laboratory for both humanities and social scientific enquiry. This program not only prepares you to succeed at U of T but also teaches you to apply what you learn to the world around you.

Leading professors and instructors from University College will teach you to engage critically with Toronto and its multicultural communities, and to understand how your four years at University will help you make a difference to the world. 

 Students choose from one of four courses, designed to engage students with the city from a different perspective:

• UNI101Y1: Citizenship in the Canadian City

• UNI102Y1: Performing Toronto

• UNI103Y1: Gradients of Health in an Urban Mosaic

• UNI104Y1: Sex in the City


How many credits? 1 credit

How is the program structured? Seminars of 25 students, community-based research

Who is eligible? Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George campus) applicants; full-time first-year applicants to the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design