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Program Requirements

Cognitive Science

This is a Type 2 program. Enrolment is limited and admission requires the completion of either COG250Y1 or a combination of 1.5 FCE in CSC, LIN, PHL and PSY (no more than 1 FCE from a single department). Please note that meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee one a spot in any of our programs, depending on the number of program spaces available.

Please note, effective for 2021 program admissions, we have changed the program coding so that it now indicates program stream choice.

ARTS Major:

ASMAJ1445A: Perception and Attention
ASMAJ1445B: Language and Cognition
ASMAJ1445C: Thinking and Reasoning

ASMAJ1446A: Computational Cognition
ASMAJ1446B: Cognition and the Brain

Updates to the Cognitive Science program requirements are in progress. Please check back soon.

Program Type

Arts Major

Where noted below, please consult the Faculty of Arts & Science Course Calendar on prerequisites. Note that those interested in taking upper-level computer science courses should begin with CSC108H1, not CSC104H1.
Total FCEs Required
Year 1

(CSC104H1 or CSC108H1 or CSC120H1), LIN100Y1COG250Y1 (can be taken as a corequisite in Year 2)

Year 2
Year 2 to 4

PHL342H1, (PSY473H1 or PSY493H1)
and 3 FCEs from one of Stream 1, 2, or 3:

Stream 1: Perception and Attention


2.0 FCEs of any of the following: COG341H1COG342H1PSY312H1PSY380H1PSY475H1 ,PHL340H1PHL405H1JLP374H1NEW333H1NEW438H1

For those with the appropriate prerequisites: CSC207H1CSC320H1CSC420H1

Stream 2: Language and Cognition

1.5 FCEs of any of the following: LIN232H1LIN241H1JLP315H1LIN331H1LIN341HJLP374H1

1.5 FCEs of any of the following: COG341H1COG342H1JLP471H1JLS472H1JLS473H1PSY312H1PHL245H1PHL340H1PHL345H1PHL351H1PHL451H1NEW333H1NEW438H1


For those with the appropriate prerequisites: CSC401H1CSC485H1

Stream 3: Thinking and Reasoning

PHL245H1PSY260H1, and 2.0 FCEs of any of the following: COG341H1COG342H1PSY312H1PSY370H1PSY371H1PSY372H1PHL246H1PHL340H1PHL347H1JLP374H1JLP471H1JLS472H1JLS473H1NEW333H1NEW438H1


For those with the appropriate prerequisites: CSC207H1CSC304H1CSC411H1CSC384H1CSC486H1

Year 4

Science Major

Some courses in Streams 1 and 2 have unlisted co- or prerequisites. Please consult the Faculty of Arts and Science Course Calendar. Those interested in the Science Major are advised to consider also registering for a Computer Science Specialist, Major, or Minor (for Stream 1) or a Human Biology Neuroscience Specialist or Major (for Stream 2).
Total FCEs Required
Year 1

CSC108H1 or CSC120H1 (recommended option), CSC148H1MAT135H1 and MAT136H1 (or MAT137Y1), COG250Y1 (may be taken as a corequisite in Year 2)

Year 2
Year 2 to 4

PHL342H1, (PSY473H1 or PSY493H1), and 3 FCEs from one of Stream 1 or 2:

Stream 1: Computational Cognition


No more than 1.5 FCEs of the 3 FCEs required from this list may come from any single 3-letter course designator, except for CSC courses. For CSC courses, a minimum of 1 FCE and up to 2 FCEs may be chosen. At least 1 FCE of the 3 FCEs must be at the 300+ level.

CSC207H1CSC304H1CSC324H1CSC384H1CSC401H1CSC411H1CSC420H1CSC485H1CSC486H1, (COG341H1 or COG342H1LIN100Y1LIN228H1LIN232H1LIN241H1JLP315H1LIN323H1LIN331H1LIN341H1JLP374H1JLP471H1PHL240H1, (PHL245H1 or CSC330H1), PHL246H1PHL345H1PHL347H1PHL348H1PHL349H1PHL355H1PSY210H1PSY220H1PSY230H1PSY260H1PSY270H1PSY280H1PSY290H1PSY312H1PSY305H1PSY316H1PSY330H1PSY331H1PSY362H1PSY370H1PSY371H1PSY372H1PSY378H1PSY379H1PSY380H1PSY414H1PSY475H1NEW232Y1NEW333H1NEW438H1

Stream 2: Cognition and the Brain

BIO120H1 and BIO220H1 (or BIO150Y1), COG499H1

2 FCEs of the following, with at least 1 FCE from PSY courses. At least 0.5 FCE of the 2 FCEs must be at the 300+ level. 

CSC207H1CSC411H1PHL355H1PHL357H1PSY270H1PSY280H1PSY290H1PSY312H1PSY316H1PSY331H1PSY362H1PSY380H1PSY390H1PSY396H1PSY397H1PSY473H1PSY492H1PSY494H1, (COG341H1 or COG342H1), NEW232Y1NEW333H1NEW438H1JLP471H1JLS472H1JLS473H1

Year 4