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The Founding College of the University of Toronto

UConnect 2020: UC Student Leadership Conference

Current Students
New Students
Students in Residence
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Learn. Lead. Connect.

Are you passionate about student leadership?  Interested in discovering new opportunities?  Looking to build lasting connections with your peers? 

UConnect is an annual University College conference focused on the development of student leaders in the community.  Register today to participate in the annual University College Student Leadership Conference (UConnect). In UConnect, we will be a wide variety of workshops to help you gain different leadership skills that can be applied as a student, community leader, the workplace and beyond!  Learn about how the leadership skills you have, how to develop your relationships, and make a change in the University College and greater U of T community. 

Saturday January 18. 2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
University College

All UC Students are invited to attend to build on your current leadership experience or start your leadership journey for the first time.

UConnect Sessions

Check out our line up of sessions for UConnect 2020!  Each session has been tailored to explore a different component of the student involvement, leadership and engagement at University College and throughout the University of Toronto.

Registration and Breakfast (9:00-9:30am)

Location: Junior Common Room, University College 

Welcome (9:30-10:00am)

Location: UC 140

Get the conference started off right with welcoming messages from the UConnect Planning Committee members, Melinda Scott (Dean of Students, University College) and Markus Stock (Principal, University College).


Alumni Conversation Labs (10:00-11:00am)

Learn about the exciting journeys of our Alumni in this exciting roundtable discussion.  Participants will have the opportunity to hear about the experience of various alumni and learn about their development as leaders in the University and beyond.

1a. Finding Balance as a Student Leader (11:00am -12:00pm)

Facilitated by: Cristina Peters

Between balancing academics with social life, work and learning how to adult, life as a student leader can be tricky. Learn how to manage your time to maximize your productivity while being mindful limits and when or how to say no..

1b. Strengths Quest (11:00am -12:00pm)

Complete the Strength Quest Inventory and learn your Top 5 Strengths. Through an interactive session explore what your strengths mean, how to leverage and talk about them. Additionally, learn about all of the 34 strengths that team and group members can have and how to best work with other people's strengths. 

1c. Difficult Conversations with Ourselves (11:00am -12:00pm)

This is an opportunity to do some reflection and action planning about how we take some of the difficult equity work into action.  We'll consider the things that keep us apart and the ways that we can better connect and create opportunities for connection.  We'll talk in a UC specific way while also building skills for your future. 


2a. Know Yourself, Know Your Worth – "Make Your Skills Shine with Drake" (12:00-1:00pm)

Facilitated by: Adrian Leckie

Whether you are starting at the bottom of your leadership career, or you’ve had “Back to Back” involvement opportunities, you have plenty to share in your resume and CV.  Learn how to bring these skills to your explicit awareness and how to communicate these to a future employer.  Using the influence learn how to express yourself in a captivating, confident, and exciting workshop embedding lyrics and quotes from Drake.

2b. Teamwork and Group Dynamics (12:00-1:00pm)

As a U of T student, you will continue to learn about what it means to be leaders through various experiences, especially when working, and connecting with others. This workshop will help you discover your own working style and how that influences your interactions with others. You will explore group dynamics and reflect on how a better understanding of these topics can improve both your leadership and communication skills to use both at University and beyond. 

Lunch (1:00-2:00pm)

Location: UC 140

Take a break and enjoy a free hot lunch in the Junior Common Room.

3a. Self Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (2:00-3:00pm)

Facilitated by: Rosalind Owen and Lauren Brown

When exploring leadership, we may think of supporting others, but what about the exploration of how we support ourselves. We'll look at why emotional intelligence is so important for leaders – and how you, as a leader, can improve yours.

3b. Taking Action: Students Fostering Positive Social Change (2:00-3:00pm)

Facilitated by: Adrian Leckie and Dan Alferov

Student leaders can feel helpless in the face of large scale issues affecting the campus. Within this workshop we will challenge these issues in a case study format using resources accessible to the average student. You will learn to create action plans which will not only directly affect the community but look to foster sustainable social change.

3c. Forming Meaningful Relationships With New People (2:00-3:00pm)

Facilitated by: Erin Clifford

In the age of digital media, the number of acquaintances or connections we have is going up and the number of meaningful relationships are going down.  In this hour we’ll start to explore how to turn acquaintances into more meaningful relationships through self awareness exercises and practicing ways to deepen connections with others.

Student Leadership Conversation Lab (3:00-4:00pm)

Dive into the journey's of University College student leaders and learn how to get involved in their organizations.  Explore the different types of involvement as a student.  Find out some of the rewards, challenges and opportunities from being involved, and explore what next steps can look like for you

Conference Social (4:00-5:00pm)

Location: Junior Common Room, University College

Network, interact, and engage with your peers in our conference social.  We will have a line up of different alumni, student clubs, staff and more.  Keep your fingers crossed, as we reveal the winners of our UConnect Raffle.  


Dive into the world of student leadership and get connected with UC staff and students in the UC Student Leadership Conference!  Register Today!

Registration closes:  Tuesday January 14th, 2020 - 11:59pm