Book Shop/Sale

Book Sale

The University College Book Sale began in 1979 as a small, annual sale offering affordable books to students. More than thirty years later, our volunteers collect and assess over 100,000 books annually; operate a year-round Book Shop in the College; maintain listings of over 6,000 books in our online store at; and organize a large sale every October. Proceeds from the Book Sale go to students and to the UC Library.

The 2018 Book Sale will be held from Thursday, October 11 to Sunday, October 14.  Please visit our Fall Sale page for further details.

All books are carefully examined by our trained volunteers and are sorted to go into either the UC Book Sale in October, the Book Shop, or placed on our internet listings. Other items are considered for the U of T Library holdings, and some are shared with local non-profit organizations in Toronto and Ontario, as well as with schools and programs abroad in countries such as the Caribbean, Central America, and Africa. 

Contact the UC Book Sale

Send us an email or call us at (416) 978-0372 and leave a voicemail with your name and telephone number.