University College Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number UC Room Number
Keren Rice Chair & Professor, Department of Linguistics 416-978-1763
Douglas Richardson Professor Emeritus, Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art 416-946-3698 UC 048
Peter Richardson Professor Emeritus, Department for the Study of Religion;
Principal Emeritus 416-978-8155 UC 048
James Rising Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Carol Robb Assistant Dean & Director of Human Resources, Faculty of Arts and Science 416-946-5182
Julia Rodriguez Assistant Registrar 416-978-3170 UC 157
Dick Roman Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology UC 048
Betty Roots Professor Emeritus, Department of Cell and Systems Biology 416-978-5710 UC 048
Banuta Rubess Sessional Lecturer | UC One Program UC F304
Mari Ruti Professor, Department of English and Drama - UTM 905-828-3738
Walid Saleh Associate Professor, Department for the Study of Religion 416-978-8110 UC 147
Rick Salutin Lecturer, Canadian Studies, University College 416-978-8130 UC B304
Henry Schogt Professor Emeritus, Department of French UC 048
Melinda Scott Dean of Students 416-978-7246 UC D102
Margaret Scully Grounds Keeper, Facilities and Services 416-978-2329
Djanet Sears Senior Lecturer, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Dana Director, Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies
Khamla Sengthavy Academic Liaison and Assistant to Vice Principal 416-978-8083 UC H012
Cecille Sioulis UC Programs Coordinator,,, 416-946-4025 UC H012
DJ Sison Assistant to the Dean, Administration, 416-978-2530 UC D105
Tori Smith Sessional Lecturer, Sexual Diversity Studies UC A302
Brian Cantwell Smith Professor, Faculty of Information 416-946-5402
Gavin Smith Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology 416-946-3324 UC 048
Philip Sohm University Professor, Department of History of Art/Graduate Department of Art 416-978-8105 UC 245
Sam Solecki Professor Emeritus, Department of English 416-978-8129 UC 048
Jesook Song Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology 416-946-3587
Suzanne Stevenson Professor, Department of Computer Science
J.T. Stevenson Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy UC 048
Eva Swenson Professor Emeritus, Department of Computer Science 416-978-5138
Lorne Tepperman Professor, Department of Sociology 416-978-8097 UC 143
John Thompson Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Rebecca Thorpe Business Officer | Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies;
Program Assistant | Sexual Diversity Studies 416-978-6276 UC 251
David Townsend Professor, Department of English & Centre for Medieval Studies 416-978-6776
Tamara Trojanowska Associate Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures;
Director, Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies 416-946-5293 UC F210
Borje Vahamaki Professor Emeritus, Department of Slavic Language and Literatures 416-978-8116 UC 048
Mario Valdes Professor Emeritus, Centre for Comparative Literature 416-813-4041 UC 048
Mily Van Petitions Advisor 416-978-3170 UC 157
Maricar Velasco Financial Accounting Assistant 416-978-7227 UC H012
Guillermo Verdecchia Instructor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
John Vervaeke Assistant Professor Teaching Stream in Cognitive Science/Psychology UC F307
Vikki Visvis Lecturer, Department of English
Carla Vitoria (on leave) Executive Assistant to the Principal 416-978-7516 UC 165
Becky Vogan Instructor, Writing Center
Sarah Wakefield Director, Health Studies Program;
Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Planning 416-978-3653 UC B202
Mel Watkins Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics;
President Emeritus, Science for Peace
416-978-3606 UC 045
Michael Wayne Professor Emeritus, Department of History 416-978-8123 UC B303
Jarrett Welsh Associate Professor, Department of Classics
Andrea Williams Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Writing Instructions 416-978-8150
Tom Wilson Professor, Department of Economics
Fred Wilson Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy 416-978-8155